Responsive Sportz Theme

If you are making a sports website, you will definitely want to attract more visitors by showing them your website design with as much excitement and branding as possible.The most effective way to accomplish this is go for a sports theme which offers multiple features at one place.

It is quite simple and straight, best sports themes come with features that enable fans to make contact with you, help to collect information about your team and other activities. It will require a number of social media engagement options,team information, player information and a secure e-commerce solution.

An attractive sports theme design will unite your team’s fans as one, and provide them all relevant information they need to cheer on their teams for the next match.

We understand that choosing the best sports theme is a bit overwhelming, that’s why we have made this list of features.

The good news is that all the above discussed features have been introduced in our latest Responsive Sportz Theme. This theme is best known for its dynamic, sports oriented design which suits your all sports related content. You can display high-quality sports videos, team statistics , team player details and much more with a single click.

Sportz Theme can be one stop destination for all sports lovers. Here are some amazing features which makes this theme unique among others.

What Makes this Theme Unique

  • Multipurpose Theme
  • 100% Responsive
  • Quick Login and Sign Up
  • Widget Background Image
  • Adjustable Fonts
  • Custom Member Widget Collection
  • Admin Configurable Widgets
  • Attractive & Configurable Team Points Table

Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide for New Users:

Admin Panel View

** This tutorial assumes that you are already logged in to the Admin Panel.**

If not, then you have to log in first to the admin panel after filling the admin account credentials on your website.

1. Installation of Responsive Sportz Theme

In the Main Menu section,

    Click on the tab Manage and select “Packages & Plugins” to install this theme.

Responsive Sportz Theme

After a successful installation, a new “Responsive Sportz Theme” tab will appear on the main screen.

Responsive Sportz Theme

  • Enter the required license key in the above-shown box.
  • Now, you can manage theme size and also control header options for logged in and Non-Logged in members.

Responsive Sportz Theme

2. Manage Header

Managing website header is considered as an important part to give a complete and smooth look to your website. It makes navigation easy for new visitors. Upload icons for different menu items by simply adding it. Also, you can change

  1. Choose Header Setting
  2. Manage Module for Search
  3. Main Menu Icons
  4. Mini Menu
(a) Header Setting

Responsive Sportz Theme

(b) Manage Module for Search

Responsive Sportz Theme

(c) Main Menu Icons

Main menu can be easily edited from this section. You have to just simply drag and drop menu items as per requirement of your website. You can easily edit or delete the icons.

Responsive Sportz Theme

(d) Mini Menu

Responsive Sportz Theme

3. Footer

In the footer section, you can make changes in text and also control who can see those changes. Make your sports website footer more unique and appealing for your online audience with this amazing feature. You can also manage footer background images.

(a) Footer Setting

Responsive Sportz Theme

(b) Social Site Links

To make your online sports community more engaging, you can also add multiple social media links. You can enable/disable any social site as per your requirement.

Responsive Sportz Theme

4. Color Schemes

If you want to change the color of your website theme, you can easily choose your favorite color among many attractive options. Different colors options makes your website more appealing to your community users.

  • Choose Color Schemes.
  • Now, select your favourite color theme option for your website.

Responsive Sportz Theme

(a) Make Your Own Theme

With this Sportz Theme, the user can manually customize theme color options. There are many color options available to make your website theme more interesting and appealing to your community audience.

  • Select “Make your own Theme”.
  • Now make your own customized theme color combinations.
  • Don’t forget to Save Changes.

Responsive Sportz Theme

5. Manage Fonts

After images, texts are the second most important aspect of any website. It gives real meaning to your platform. If you want to manage text in different fonts, you can simply choose suitable text formats based on your platform requirements.

  • Go to Typography.
  • Choose your favourite fonts and select the different text sizes.
  • Now, Save changes.

Responsive Sportz Theme

6. Custom CSS

Add custom CSS in Responsive Sportz Theme with a single click. We suggest you to add your CSS changes here instead of Theme.css file so that you do not lose your changes when you upgrade this theme. These changes will nicely show at your website.

Responsive Sportz Theme

7. Newsletter Emails

You can allow your users to subscribe to the website for latest sports related updates. It will help you to monetize your website and makes your platform more engaging for users.

Responsive Sportz Theme

8. Manage Teams

If you want to add a team on your website, click on the required row and drag them up or down.

Responsive Sportz Theme

Finally!! You have successfully completed the installation procedure and also explored various exciting features of this Responsive Sportz Theme. Now, your visitors and website members will be able to access & use your website with a new refreshing look.

Installation of this Theme is very easy, but if you still need our expert to install and configure this theme for you, then you can purchase the service from here: