General Shift – Dedicated Monthly Retainership Service to Hire a SocialEngine Developer / Resource

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Are you looking for a Professional team of SocialEngine Certified developers who can take your website and project to a next level with you? Do you not want to hire permanent employees and manage all the office expenses and overhead, then this Monthly Retainership service if the best choice for you to hire a developer / tester / designer / support / sale staff or a complete team from us to take care of your SE based project.

Our employees will work dedicatedly for you with their full skillset, expertise and experience on your project. Our employees fosters creative thinking and encourages you to seek innovative solutions as they enjoy the freedom to devise out-of-the-box strategies in day to day work.

Working hours of your virtual employee will be 10: 00 AM to 6:00 PM GMT+5.30 Timezone.
Note : If you want Custom Timings, then Please Contact Us.

Our developers can take care of

From the scratch build

From 0 to 100, we can build your SocialEngine website with utmost precision as we have strategists who analyze client requirements, business model and user expectations and come up with development strategies that are sequential and uninterrupted.


We consider a minor visual uplift and a complete feature overhaul as the same when it comes to customizations as even tiny tweaks can turn your SocialEngine website more appropriate to your concept & requirements. We assist in SE Community edition upgrades to help you reap its benefits.

Design UI & UX

Our development team is backed by creative minds that envision user behavior and turn SocialEngine website into a social networking websites based on your concept. Our inputs are based on research past experiences and the latest industry practices that are welcomed.

Custom Theme Development

Our design & development teams are well experienced in developing a custom theme from scratch, from HTML template or even from PSD templates.

With the dedicated project manager on each custom theme, you will can get a design based on your requirement & concept.

iOS / Android App Development

Thinking of a mobile app for your SocialEngine website? We have the techies to get that done for you in a fortnight. Our developers can get a fully functional branded app for your online social network which is rich on customer experience, high on conversions and brisk on performance.

REST API Development

We provide you with an experienced developer who understands the requirements such as to what type of API’s you need and how to create an API management strategy that works best for your project.

Project Manager (Part Time / Full Time)

To take a complete care of your website a dedicated Manager with experience and awesome skill-sets will be assigned to you. You can directly communicate via skype or on call with him without any delay.

Quality Analyst (Part Time / Full Time)

To make your project bug free and to provide a smooth user experience we do have trained, experienced and skilled Quality Analysts who can make your website perfect with their testing skill-sets.

Sales & Support (Part Time / Full Time)

To manage & answer clients queries is most important for any business. Considering the same, we are now providing our highly qualified support staff with SE & all plugins knowledge to be hired to answer your users queries.

Our Other Skills

Custom PHP Development

We, bestowed with hands-on PHP development skills, hold procure knowledge of the industry trends for customized project delivery.

WordPress Design & Development

Our employees also have a hands on experience in WP design, development, WooCommerce, etc.

Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing & Content Creation

Our skilled employees can be hired for creating graphics, banners, ads for your site & Digital Marketing.

Why Choose us?

8+ Years Experience in SocialEngine

With our extensive experienced & highly qualified team, you can rest assured for the work quality & on-time delivery of your project.

Extensive Knowledge

With the 8+ years of experienced, our team has gained extensive knowledge in SocialEngine. Our employees possess in depth knowledge in SocialEngine.

Competitive & Affordable Pricing

As our experts are highly qualified and have deep knowledge in SE, so the time required to complete a task is less & thus reduces the overall cost of your project.

High Quality & Free 30 Days Support

All our customization work is backed up with Free 30 days support. Do not worry, you can subscribe to our Paid support on monthly basis as well as get the 1 time support.

Terms of Service

  •  You can directly contact your assigned developers over Skype without any hesitation.
  •  As soon as we are done with the Project agreement, we will be good to start.
  •  There is no minimum time period for this service. You can even hire us for few days.
  •  If you hire us on Monthly basis, then each designated employee will work dedicatedly on your project remotely for 160 hours in a month.
  •  In case of any query, doubts, or to avail service please feel free to email us at or contact us, we will be glad to assist you.

How to get Pricing?

To know the cost of the service you want to avail please email us at or contact us with the following details and we will get back to you shortly with the price details :

  •  Type of Employee you are looking for:
    1.  Project Manager
    2.  Android / iOS Developer
    3.  PHP Developer
    4.  Quality Assurance Engineer
    5.  Web Designer
    6.  Content Creator
    7.  Support Engineer
    8.  Digital Marketing
      •  Search Engine Optimization
      •  Social Media Optimization
      •  Brand Establishment
    9.  Wordpress Developer
    10.  Wordpress Designer
  •  Number of Months: Please mention the number of months (minimum 3) for which you want to hire the employee. For example: 1, 2, 3, 6 or a year.


This service will surely going to prove itself as the good investment, because of its considerable benefits:

  • Your site has made over SE and sometimes it become difficult to manage or integrate various plugins but now you don’t need to worry about these things as our team is expert in SocialEngine and have in-depth knowledge.
  • You will get a dedicated team of professionals and experts who will work on your project as per your requirements & concept. Our experts will also provide you valuable suggestions throughout their work on your website.
  • Our professionals are experienced and expert in their domain with the high quality of skillset what they gained with their knowledge and experience.
  • Communication with your hired employee is quite easy and comfortable over skype & call. If you prefer any other medium, just let us know.
  • We have specialized professional experts in Android Development, iOS Development, Rest API Development, Social Engine PHP development, Web and UI designer, Quality Analyst, Project manager, WordPress developer & designer who come with rich experience over the years.

How to Hire us?

We offer extremely flexible hiring plans that allow you to hire employees on hourly, full-time or part-time basis depending on your requisites.

Full-Time Engagement

At SocialNetworking.Solutions, we prefer a system of cooperation, including long-term engagement. The scheme provides exclusive work on your project for 165 man-hours every month.

Additional Details
  • 165 man-hours of services per month.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • Advance billing.
  • Free associate project manager.
  • No setup fees required.

Contact Us

Part-Time Engagement

This model of collaboration concerns the clients whose projects require 90 man-hours of work on a monthly basis. Our SocialEngine Experts will work for you for 90 man-hours during part time as per mutual agreement.

Additional Details
  • 90 man-hours of services per month.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • Advance billing.
  • Free associate project manager.
  • No setup fees required.

Contact Us

Hourly Engagement

This scheme is based on the limited engagement of our SocialEngine experts for required man-hours every month. This model is ideal for minor work or if you need a backend team, but for limited hours and budget cost.

Additional Details
  • Required man-hours of services per month.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • Advance billing.
  • Free associate project manager.
  • No setup fees required.

Contact Us


Why should I Hire a Dedicated Developer / Resource?

If you need expert advice, opening, suggestion, requirement gathering, customization, testing, designing, or any other work from qualified & experienced professionals, then you should definitely go for this service.

If you are a new bee in SocialEngine and need our experts to help you understand and setup your website, then also you can go for this service.

In addition to above benefits, you get:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • Dedicated Manager / Team / Employee
  • Free technical expertise / valuable suggestions on SE and all technologies
  • Best & Competitive pricing at affordable rates

Is there a time limit to avail this service?

No, there is no time limit for availing this service. You can hire us from few hours to few months. We would be glad to work with you over longer period of times and we are also open to come & join at your place if needed and required by you.

What will be the experience of developers we hire?

We have developers from 9+ years experience in SocialEngine to 1 year experience professional. You can choose to hire anyone as per the employee availability and your requirements.

What all work can your employees to?

Our experts are experienced in Social Engine PHP, Rest API, Android Development, iOS Development and Designing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, WordPress Development, etc.

Do you only work on new websites or can you also work on existing ones?

Since, we have deep knowledge and vast experience with SE and other technologies, we can work on new as well as your existing website also.

If your website has any other 3rd party plugins or is customized by any other 3rd party developer, then also we would be glad to assist you as understand the code flow is no problem and no challenge for our team.

Will I be able to directly communicate with the developer if I need help, suggestion or need to share my screen?

Yes, you can. We understand that communication should be easy and as per your choice so that you can easily express and share your requirements, so our team can be communicated via skype, call, whatsapp or any other medium of your choice based on our prior agreement.

As we informed above, our employees can travel anywhere in the world, so if you need to hire them at your place, we do not have any relocation issues.

For any other doubt or issue please feel free to email us at or contact us with your requirements & number of months. We would be glad to assist you at our best.

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