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Graphic Assets for Mobile Apps Designing Service

Graphic Assets in your app are very important as these will be the identifier for your brand through your Mobile Apps.

Unlike the websites which has only logo, favicon and a few graphic assets, the mobile apps have a number of assets that needs to be created. The icons have a pre-defined size, file format and look for both iOS and Android app.

We, at SocialNetworking.Solutions have a team of experienced and qualified professional designers for creating the graphic assets for your iOS and Android Mobile Apps.


Graphic Assets Included

We all know, how significant the landing page is for every website. Likewise Splash Screen is equally important for every Mobile App as it is the first impression of the app over its visitors as well as the other designing assets like logo, App Icon, Welcome Slideshow, Menu Icons etc. To enhance the look and feel of your mobile app we have brought to you this “Graphic Assets Design Service” which will provide you with many features listed below:

Splash Screen Image

Splash Screen is the very first screen visible as users launch the application. It is an image covering the entire screen and disappears after the main screen is loaded. So this has to be very much catchy and of good quality.

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Logo for App

Since, logo is the identity of your brand, community and company, it should be same for your website and the mobile apps. So, keeping this in mind we will provide you the logo for the splash screen of your app.

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App Store Icon / Feature Graphic

Feature Graphic and App Store Icon are displayed for your app on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store respectively.
These are the larger icons of your app and more highlighting.

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App Icon / Hi-Res Launcher icon

The App Icon and Hi-Res launcher icons are the main identity of your app, which will be used to present your apps everywhere in Apple App Store and Android Play Store respectively. These icons will be displayed in your user’s phone to launch you app.

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4 Slides for Welcome Slideshow

To tell your users about your community even before logging into app is what Introductory Slideshow will do for you. With very attractive different images, different titles and descriptions on each image will definitely gonna make your users feel more connected and impressed with your app.

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Login Screen Image

This will be the image in the background of your login screen and will add more enhancement in your apps’ appearance by making it more beautiful. The login pages created these days are very attractive and impactful to the users and shows the creativity of your app.

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App Previews & Screenshots

The app previews and screenshots are very important to show what abouts of your app to your users. These images are shown in the iOS and Android App store, so these should be impactful and attractive enough to encourage people to install your app on their mobile phones.

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Dashboard Menu Icons

Our app comes with very attractive and beautiful icons, but if you add any new menu item to your dashboard or you need few icons to be changed as per your site’s idea and concept, then we will provide you the new icons under this service. You can send us any existing icons that you like for reference.

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Choose a best package designing Graphic Assets for your mobile app.

    1 iOS / Android (Any 1)
    2 Rounds of Revision

    iOS / Android (Any 1)
    4 Rounds of Revision

    iOS & Android (Both)
    2 Rounds of Revision

    iOS & Android (Both)
    4 Rounds of Revision


  1. The graphic assets will be developed based on your current logo, banners, slideshows or design elements. If you have any specific requirements, then please let us know before purchasing this service.
  2. We will send you the assets within three business days and all revisions as per package chosen will be completed within two weeks.