New Plugins Released – One Time Password(OTP), Community Ads, Q&A, SSO & many more..

Since from long time we have not send any Post about our new work & releases. We’re glad to bring various new and very useful plugins & Extensions for your SocialEngine website including major various Packs & Packages:

  1. (OTP) One Time Password, SMS Mobile Verification & Safe Login Plugin: With this Plugin enable site owners to have real users and protect their organisation against fraudulent login attempts.
  2. Community Advertisements Plugin: A Great source of earning revenue and simply creates the awareness among social communities through Ads.
  3. Questions & Answers Plugin: Question & Answer plugin is a very powerful and robust plugin that enables your users to Ask Questions and get Answers which builds a complete Question & Answer system for your Socialengine site.
  4. Auto Switching of Membership Plans & Plans Expiry Notifications Plugin: A very robust and useful Membership Plan Management system which allows you to set custom time duration for all the types of Plans(Free, Trial, Paid), notifying site members for their plan expiry and sending payment reminders.
  5. Testimonial Showcase Plugin: Help you to build your users trust & faith in your business / community.
  6. Single Sign On for Multiple SE Sites: This single signup and login feature from 1 server site to many client site will help you in registering same member on all your multiple SE sites easily and quickly.
  7. Custom Dashboard Plugin: The most helpful tool which let your users to navigate from one page to the desired one very easily.

Have a look over the new Extensions created for :

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