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Guidelines Social Login – Vk Login API Key

  1. First, login to your Vk Login account
  2. To create a Vk Login App, visit: https://vk.com/dev/products link to get to their developer page.
  3. Click on link My Apps in main menu
  4. On navigated page, Click on the button Create an Application
  5. Enter Title of application and choose platform (in our case choose website)
      – Enter Site Address, with http
      – Enter Base Domain, (enter your site address but without http)
      – Click Connect Application
  6. Enter the code that you will get on your mobile phone no. you have entered and Click Confirm
  7. Go to Settings in the left pane.
  8. Save Application ID, Secure key, and Service Token somewhere with you
  9. Enter Authorized Redirect URI and click Save button