Guidelines Social Login – Instagram API Key

  1. Click on the link:
  2. Click on Login link
      – Login to Instagram by entering your username and password
  3. For the developer Signup, fill the required following details
      – Website URL
      – Phone Number
      – Other Details
      – Check the ‘I accept the API’
      – Click on Sign Up
  4. Now you have Developer Account, so now register your application by clicking “REGISTER YOUR APPLICATION” Button
  5. Click on the REGISTER A NEW CLIENT Button
  6. Fill up the form.
      – The redirect URIs specifies where we redirect users
      – The Privacy Policy URL will be at the bottom of your website
      – After completing the below form submission, you have successfully registered your client
  7. Click on Manage Button
  8. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste them in the Social Media Login Plugin Instagram Tab in Admin panel.