Guidelines Social Login – Hotmail API Key

  1. First, login to your Microsoft Account
  2. To create a hotmail App, visit: link to get to their developer page.
  3. Click on the button Add an App
  4. Enter Application Name and click Create Button
  5. On navigated page, Click on Skip Guided Setup link
  6. Save Application ID
  7. Click on the Button Generate New password and save that password somewhere with you
  8. Click on the button Generate New key Pair and enter password that you get from password button
  9. Now you will get private key, save it with you
  10. Click on Add Platform (select Web in our case)
  11. Enter Redirect URLs and Logout URL
  12. Enter Redirect URLs and Logout URL
  13. Fill up the following details on the same page
      – Home page URL
      – Terms of Service URL
      – Privacy Statement URL
      – And click Save button