Guidelines Social Login – Google API Key

  1. Click on the link
  2. Login to your Google Account
  3. Click on the GET A KEY Button
  4. Create new project and name it.For example ‘my first project’,then click on save and enable API.
  5. Save API key somewhere and click on Finish Button.
  6. Click on Link Google API Console below Get a Key Button in 1st step.
  7. Under Register your application for Google Places API Web Service in Google API Console page select your project
      – Click on Continue button
  8. Click on Credentials from Left Pane.
      – Click on OAuth consent screen Tab
  9. Fill all the details of the product.
      – Fill the name of the product,and all the required URL.
      – Click save
      – (NOTE THAT- privacy policy URL and Terms of services URL are present at the bottom of your website )
  10. Come back to First Tab Credentials on the top.
      – Click on CREATE CREDENTIAL Drop Down List
      – Choose the 2nd option OAuth client ID.
  11. Create the ID by choosing any option from below
  12. Choose Web in this case.
      – Fill name of the Web Client (in this case media importer)
      – Fill Authorized JavaScript Origins as your website URL
      – Fill Authorized redirect URI as the complete URL path (This is the path in your application to which users will be redirected to when they click on Google Option in Media Importer Plugin, after getting authentication from Google.)
  13. Click on the Save Button and it will generate your Google Client ID and Google Client Secret
  14. Copy them and paste them in the Media Importer Plugin Google Tab in Admin panel.

[NOTE -The google login, key generation and connecting this to website should be on the same window/browser]