Enhancements and Bug Fixes in our Plugins & Theme

We are glad to announce a few enhancements in our plugins and theme:

Responsive SPECTROMEDIA Theme:

We have received many clients requests for the Footer Link to show Logged Member and Non Logged Members from this theme.

New Setting for Footer:
      ~ Link Enabled for Non Logged Member
     ~ Open in New Tab for Non Logged Members
     ~ Link Enabled for Logged Member
     ~ Open in New Tab for Logged Members

We have also made setting in Header Widget. So, you can choose settings from admin panel.

Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin:

Now, you can Embed Vine Video on your SocialEngine Based Website.

How To Embed a Vine Video On Your Website:

     1) Open Vine video from Site: https://vine.co/
     2) Tap the ellipses icon below the Vine video you want to embed.

Vine Video 1.png

      3) Click Embed and Copy the automatically generated HTML code:

Enbed Code.jpg

Main Plugin Page:

You can read more about Advance Videos & Channels Plugin here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/advanced-videos-channels-plugin/


Checkout our Advanced Video & Channels Plugin demo here: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/videos

Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin:

We’re thankful to all our clients who have liked our plugin and have installed the plugin on their websites. We have implemented some of the new settings from the suggestions we received from our clients:

=> You can enable setting from admin area to show Private Albums & Photos on Pages, Widgets and Lightbox.

NOTE: If you face any difficulty to upgrade our plugin on your website, you can purchase our “SocialEngineSolutions Plugin Installation and Upgrade” service from here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/socialenginesolutions-plugin-installation/


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Last Upgrade:

You can also checkout our latest Upgrade “Enhancement in Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin” here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/enhancement-in-advanced-videos-channels-plugin/

Recently released products:

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For any queries, please contact us from here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/contact-us/

or send email at: support@socialenginesolutions.com.

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