Enhancement in HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin

Today, is the world of Videos. A lot of people prefer to watch videos rather than just have a look look at photos or read the write ups. Videos are more engaging as compared to the static content on your website.

Parallax Video Widget:

Plays a video in the background. You can place this widget multiple times on same page. It will enhance your site design by adding simple, but yet very neat animation effect.

Admin can:
~ Upload Mp4 Video from File Media Manager
~ Enter content via WYSIWYG editor
~ Enter Height

Checkout Parallax Video Widget demo here: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/html5background-demo

Parallax Image Widget:

Parallax scrolling is a technique in computer web design, where background images move slower than foreground images.

Admin can:
~ Upload Image from File Media Manage
~ Enter content via WYSIWYG editor
~ Enter Height

Checkout Parallax Image Widget demo here: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/html5background-demo

Login / Signup Form on Slideshow:

Now, you can show Login and Signup Form on HTML Background Slideshow widget in every slides. Members are easily login and signup on your site.

Admin can:
~ choose Signup From
~ choose Login From
~ also choose Placement

Sign and Login Form Widget.png


Checkout Login / Signup Form on Slideshow demo here: //spectromedia.socialenginesolutions.com/

HTML Background Slideshow Widget:

Now, you can place slideshow multiple time on single page.

Checkout HTML Background Slideshow Widget demo here: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/html5background-demo

Main Plugin Page:
You can read more about HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/html5-videos-photos-background-plugin/

Checkout our HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin demo here: //demo.socialenginesolutions.com/html5background-demo

HTML Backgroung Plugin.png

Last Upgrade:

You can also checkout our latest Upgrade “Enhancement in Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin” here: //www.socialenginesolutions.com/enhancement-in-advanced-videos-channels-plugin/

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