Why do you need SocialEngine mobile apps for your SocialEngine site?

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As per the latest studies, 70% of internet users use websites on their mobile devices and approximately 60% of web traffic comes from same. So, it becomes essential that your website is available on their mobile devices via mobile browsers and mobile apps.

The website’s availability on mobile devices allows users to explore & use it at any moment thereby increasing user retention. Native mobile apps have features like instant push notifications, app icon which can open your app in 1 touch, etc.

Mobile apps are also easy to use, convenient, reliable, and handy. Users can be updated even when they are on vacation, traveling, or away from their desktops and laptops.

Our SocialEngine mobile apps have features like Live Streaming, Stories, Photos, Albums, Events, Groups, etc which users can use anywhere and anytime. You can checkout our SocialEngine addons / plugins for more features. They can share their whereabouts easily with their friends in your community. The Short Tiktak Videos feature enables users to post short videos of 15 to 60 seconds which attract content creators as well as audiences thereby improving your customer acquisition.

Why do you need mobile apps for your SocialEngine site?

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, there are other benefits also which we are discussing in this blog below..

Top 4 major benefits of using SocialEngine Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine site.

1. Brand Value & Business Growth:

As a business owner, you should be looking for a way using which you can reach out to new users, retain existing users, and increase awareness and reach of your website. Mobile apps can do this for you.

Once users install the mobile applications, your brand/business logo will appear on their devices’ screens. Whenever they will use their mobile devices, your brand logo will appear. The more they see the logo, the more chances of clicking it and using your app.

It is thus important that your mobile app is interactive, easy to use, and provides all the features that your audience is looking for.

2. Push Notifications and Instant Updates:

Today, everyone is in hurry and wants a quick update in a fraction of a second. They would love to get notified about Likes, Comments, and activities on their content shared on your site.

The Push Notification feature of the mobile applications enables you to keep your users updated about various activities going on on your website.

3. Quick & Easy Access of Site to Users:

As we have mentioned above as well, the apps provide the ability to use the site anywhere and at any moment of time which not only increases user retention but also builds users’ trust in your business.

The more they use your website through apps, the more the chances that they will use services/products offered by your website thereby increasing your sales and profits.

4. Increase User Retention:

Since your brand logo will be there on your users’ mobile devices, they will go through it multiple times a day, and thus chances of clicking your brand logo will increase.

Push notifications & new updates count on the app icon will also increase the chances of clicking the app icon and using the same. Users will tend to retain when they get notified about what’s going on around their content, friends, and interests.


A mobile app is a great tool to market your business and growth of your brand. It provides a personalized, easy and handy experience to your users. So, if you are still not taking advantage of using mobile apps as your socialengine based social networking site and your brand’s marketing channel, you are certainly lagging behind.

Now, is the time for you to explore the new technologies and jump on the wagon.


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