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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

Enjoy Posting Short Videos
& have Fun with your Friends

What are Short Tiktak Videos ?

Do you want to share funny, happy, cheerful moments with everyone? Want to add Music for the video you are creating & sharing?

Then what are you waiting for? All you have to do is to browse the app and find the content that interests you the most with Short TikTak Videos Plugin.

Short TikTak Videos are used to create short music, dance, comedy or other talent based videos of 15 to 60 seconds where you can share a small part from a video or can say cheerful moments. With the help of this Plugin, users can both create and watch short videos of their interest, often accompanied by music. This plugin is helpful to pick new skills, learning various things and even helpful in connecting with people they share interest with.

– This plugin is dependent on Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin which enables you to create & upload short tiktak videos in your app easily.
– This plugin requires FFMPEG & FFPROBE to be installed and enabled on your server to work properly.

That’s not all Discover even
more possibilities.

  • Create or Upload Videos

    Users can create or upload their videos according to their choice. Duration of Videos can be from 15 to maximum 60 seconds.

  • Add Music with Videos

    While creating or uploading the videos, users can add Music into the video based on the type of video for making the video more interesting.

  • Follow your Favorite Users

    You can Follow your favourite users/video creators so that you can watch their videos anytime you want as per your need.

  • Video creator Profile

    This plugin enables you to directly go to the Video Creator profile with the image of the user in the circle on the right side of each video.

  • Download the Videos

    If you want to Download any video for watching in the future then you can download it from the options present with the Video in the side options.

  • Share the Videos

    Here, you can share the various videos in the website itself and also outside the website. You have the option to share it directly on Whatsapp also.

  • Like, Comment on Videos

    Here, users can Like and give Comments on the videos which they like or want to share their opinions by giving comments on them.

  • Discover section for Videos

    In app you can search any of the videos from Discover section based on your choice. Also all the videos are listed based on various criterias.

  • Hashtag Videos

    Under the discover section, all the videos which are created by adding Hashtags are listed. You can search any of the videos based on Hashtags.

  • Easy Video Searching

    This plugin provides you an easy to use search under discover section from where you can search any of the videos based on the title or hashtags.

  • Notifications for Videos

    You will get notified for the various actions performed on your videos such as for Like, Comment, New Video upload etc.

  • Play/Pause Option

    With the help of this plugin, users can Play/Pause their videos anytime while creating them. It makes video creation easy if anyone wants to play/pause it.

  • Edit / Delete Video

    Users can edit/delete videos created or uploaded by them whenever required. Both the options are easily accessible for users.

  • Like, Comment & View Count

    For each video, count for Like, Comment & View gets displayed with their respective icons. You can use these stats for your videos as well.

  • Add Music from Admin Panel

    Admin can add as many as Music they want to provide with different types of Categories from the admin panel of this plugin.


Enjoy every moment of life! Capture short videos & share them with the world.

Amazing Interface


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.
Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the Plugin that we are offering.

With the help this Plugin, users will be able to create short videos in both:

The minimum version required for Apps to use well with this Plugin will be:

  • Android Mobile App
    For App: 4.3.2
    For SocialEngine: 4.3.0
  • iOS Mobile App
    For App: 12.2
    For SocialEngine: 5.3.0
    For Android: 3.1
    For iOS: 2.2

No, You will get the same Admin Panel for this Plugin which will work well for both Android as well as iOS Mobile App.

This Plugin is well integrated with Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin which enables your users to upload short videos in this plugin. So if you upload videos from any other place such as activity feed or any other plugin, then they will not get shown in this Plugin.

Short TikTak Videos Plugin is well integrated with Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin . So all the videos which you have uploaded via this Plugin can be easily managed from the Admin Panel of Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin.

Short TikTak Videos Plugin is dependent on the following plugins:

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