The Company & Business – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


The Company & Business – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme is a complete multi-purpose SocialEngine theme for your company, business or social network. This theme is designed with high quality code and all the features which are required to showcase your Team, Photo Gallery, Blog Posts, Testimonial, Features and other details about your website. With the Floating Navigation Bar on the Landing page, it becomes very easy to reach to any section on the page with just 1 click.

Note: This theme is 100% responsive and compatible with all 3rd party plugins which are developed following SE standards.


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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.0

Software Version: 6.5.0

Last Update: November 27, 2023

Build social networking website
for your business in minutes.

Use the Powerful admin panel of this theme to get started with your own content.

  • Any Type of Social Network
  • Business Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Trading / Traders
  • Lawyer / Law Firm
  • Job Portals
  • Medical & Doctors Website
  • Investment agency
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Gym
  • Finance
  • Educational Organizations
  • Many More..

2 Pre-built Attractive Landing pages

This theme comes with a choice of 2 pre-built Landing pages which will enhance your website and will give a complete new look to it. All the items displayed on Landing page can be very easily configured from the admin panel of this theme.

Responsive Design & Layout

  • This theme is 100% responsive which automatically adapts the screen size of any device like Mobile Phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Enable / disable Responsive Layout from Admin Panel of this theme.
  • Both the Landing Pages are also 100% responsive.

Inclusions of Landing Page Design 1:

  • Smooth and Attractive Slideshow.
  • Illustrative Testimonials Slideshow
  • Clients
  • Highlighted Features
  • Rolling Statistics with Background Image
  • Introduction Video & Features
  • Team
  • Module Support

Inclusions of Landing Page Design 2:

  • Smooth and Attractive Slideshow.
  • Illustrative Testimonials Slideshow
  • Highlighted Features
  • Team
  • Module Support
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact us

Uniquely Designed Header

  • Fixed / Floating Header: Header can be chosen fixed on the top of the screen or floats when users scroll down your site’s page to enable them to easily access important links of your website.
  • Image Icons or Font Icons for each menu item can be easily uploaded from the Admin Panel of this plugin.
  • More drop-down to enable you to set the limit of menu items to be appear in this navigation menu.
  • Header Options can be configured for Non-Logged or Logged in members individually.- Main Menu, Mini Menu,Global Search, Site Logo and Extra Links in Mini Menu can be enabled / disabled.
  • Extra Links in the Header which can be used for giving Phone Number, Skype Is, Whatsapp number, Toll Free number, URL of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc social site page links.

Quick Login & Signup popup: Login popup is visible only to site visitors to encourage them to quickly and easily login / signup on your SocialEngine based website. Users can also login through their existing accounts on Facebook and Twitter or as configured by you from Admin Panel.

  • Users can now choose to View Passwords in the Login and Signup forms
  • Admin can choose to Auto-open the login popup.

Smooth and Attractive Slideshow

It displays Slides, Title, Description and a View More button very attractively. The button can have a custom URL too

It has a perfect slider which offers you various settings like:

  • Heading
  • Description
  • View More Button

It even offers external links to be added from admin panel with font icons for them.

You can also add and manage any number of Slides on your website.You can create, edit and delete slides.

Rolling Statistics with Background Image

It provide you the ability to select any value for Statistics and displays the statistics of your website on various criterias configured by you attractively by rolling the numbers when users scroll down the Landing Page.

You may choose the Right Side Icon text and select Background image as per your requirement.

9 Pre configured Color Schemes

One click and choose theme color from the available 9 default color schemes or make new one.

Design a new theme just by configuring these settings:

  • Header Styling Settings
  • Footer Styling Settings
  • Body Styling Settings

You can create as many new themes you want, edit them and remove them.

Advanced Footer

Footer is highly customizable with About Us, Social Media Links, Quick Links section to add your own links, SE Footer menu support and Language switcher.

Scroll to Top in the Footer enables users to directly go to the top of every page once they reach the footer.

Auto-Complete Global Search

Advanced auto-complete Global search with AJAX based searching that enables quick searching for various modules installed on your website.

All the modules can be easily enabled / disabled from the admin panel of this plugin.

Illustrative Testimonials Slideshow

It displays all the testimonials in auto-play slideshow. This will give a great impact to your users when they will view whatother people are saying about your company, business or social network. This page lists all the Testimonials created by you.Here, you can also add and manage any number of Testimonials on your website. The settings that you can modify are:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Description
  • Client photo

Introduction(Videos and feature)

Display video for the About Us section and admin configurable Features. Features are attractively displayed in grid view with a read more button when users mouseover on the grids.

It offers you 2-in-1 option to display Videos and Features.

You have a option to Enable it or not.

Video Video can be added to this section which can be used to display introduction, about us or anything related to your website. Settings that can be modified are:

  • Heading
  • Background image
  • YouTube Video URL
Features Features can be added here. It enables you to customise:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Font Icon
  • Photo
  • Read More
  • Button Text and Link
  • Background Images

Clients & Portfolios

Clients are highlighted in a separate section with their own logo and a link to their website. This section can also be used to highlight your portfolio or association with other businesses.Clients page in admin panel lists all the Clients created by you. Here, you can also add and manage any number of Clients on your website.Settings you can configure are:

  • Client name
  • Client link
  • Client photo
  • Background image

Smartly Designed Team Feature

This theme displays team members added by you very nicely and attractively.

You can add team members easily from the admin panel of the theme. You have the option to manage these settings:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Quote
  • Description
  • Phone
  • Photo
  • Email
  • Address
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Google Plus URL
  • Heading
  • Background image

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Feature section enables you to highlight anything from your team, sponsors, developers, collaborators, etc for your company or social network.

It can be used to highlight features, joining benefits of your company or social network, etc.

From the admin panel you can view list of all the Features created by you. You can also add and manage any number of Featureson your website.You have the option to manage these settings:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Photo
  • Heading
  • Background image

Module Support on Landing Page

Module Support on Landing Page enables you to showcase content from your website from other modules so that your audience gets the idea of what all features and content your site has. This also helps to give them a clear idea of your site and work.

Google Map & Contact Us Details

Nicely displays the location in Google Map, your contact details and address.

Floating Navigation Panel

Floating Navigation Panel is the navigation bar which will come in the right side of the Landing Page screen and will help users to navigate to other sections of the page from wherever they are.

When users will scroll down the Landing page, this bar will also float down, so that users can click on other section’s icon and directly go to the same.

This not only enhances the look of your website, but also makes the navigation on Landing page more user friendly and easy to use.

Attractive Photo Gallery

It shows albums created on your website. This will work with SocialEngine’s Core Photo Album plugin and other 3rd party plugins that follow SE standards and use same database tables.

Multi Language Support

It Supports multiple languages from which users can choose in the particular language they want to access. Build the Corporate website in all languages required and create a professional experience on your site.

Awesome Icons and Fonts

We have used Font Awesome Icons in this theme which will make your website lighter to load and look more beautiful and professional.

RTL Support

This theme supports RTL languages and will perfect for all languages that are written Right-To-Left.


This plugin has an attractive banner widget which is compatible with SocialEngine’s default Banner functionality in admin panel.Banners can be displayed in Full width.

Other Features & Benefits of Purchasing Theme from Us

  • 90 Days Free Support
  • No Modifications is done in SocialEngine’s core script
  • Best coding practices and techniques used for CSS, HTML and theme styling.
  • Developed by following all SE standards.
  • Compatible with SocialEngine Core, all its plugins and all 3rd party plugins.
  • Tested with all modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox).
  • One-Time Free Theme Installation & Color Change on request. File a support ticket if you need this service.
  • Detailed illustrated Step-by-Step Installation Tutorial & Video Tutorial for easy installation and configuration of this theme.
  • Easy and 1 click download.

Admin Panel

This theme has a very powerful admin panel which provides settings to enable / disable for almost all the options. We have provided a rich set of settings. Writing about admin panel would be too short for this theme, so we have created Screenshots of all the sections in admin panel.

Settings you can configure from admin panel are:


Global Settings

Landing Page Settings



Highlighted Features


Rolling Statistics

Intro Video & Features


Manage Header

Manage Footer

Manage Fonts

Color Schemes

Custom CSS

Domain Limit

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