Advanced Blog Plugin



Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

Advanced Blog Plugin provides advanced features for writing blogs on your websites – custom Publish date, custom URL for blogs, location, multiple photo upload, reviews, etc.

With the option to change text Blog and URL to any other texts of your choice, you can use this plugin for Articles, News, Classified, etc. You can also enable / disable all the features from admin panel to make complete use of the plugin.

Unique and attractive 8 different views of blogs will enable you to highlight and showcase blogs easily on your website.

Possibility of adding Watermarks/Advertisements for each individual image on Member Level Basis.

Key features

Attractive and customizable design

100% Responsive and RTL supported.

Custom Publish Dates for blogs.

Users can choose view for their Blog Profile Page from a choice of 4 designs.
~ Different widgetized pages for all 4 designs.
~ Admin can enable / disable this feature.

8 Unique and Attractive Design Layouts & more – Pinboard View, 3 Grid Views, 3 List Views, Slideshows, Carousel, etc.

Creation of Sub Blogs is allowed.

Members can upload Photos to their Blogs.
~ Admin can add Watermarks / Advertisements to blog images uploaded by members depending on their Member Levels.
~ You can choose the Position of the watermark on the photos.

Members can upload Videos to their Blogs. [Dependent on our “Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin“]

Members can upload Music to their Blogs. [Dependent on our “Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin“]

Categories / 2nd-level categories / 3rd-level categories of Blogs.
~ Categorized Display of Blogs.
~ Categories can be displayed in Cloud View, Hierarchy Views, Square Blocks View & Icons View.
~ Custom Fields: Create, add or remove custom fields. Category – Custom Fields Mapping will allow you to display custom form fields on the basis of various categories. Unlimited numbers of fields are permitted.

Settings to change text “Blog” & “Blogs” to any other text like “Articles, Classifieds, News, Listings, etc” using which you can use this plugin as Blogs or any other functionality.

~ Settings to change the URL for “blog” and “blogs”.

Locations for blogs. users can search blogs based on these locations.

Advance Share options for Blogs from their Profile pages – quick Ajax share, sharing in Private Message, Social Share, etc.

Redirection option upon clicking Blogs Menu in Main Navigation Menu – Welcome Page or Blogs Home Page.

Built-in Social Sharing Functionality (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)

Rating on Blogs with custom Rating Parameters.

Members can claim their Blogs.
~ Admins can enable / disable this feature.
~ Admins approve or reject a claim request.
~ Claimer gets notification of admin’s action.
~ Member whose blog is claimed will get notified.

Organized Manage Blogs section to find My Blogs, Liked Blogs, Favourite Blogs, etc.

Activity Feeds, Site Notifications and Email Notifications are sent for all important actions.

Members can give Ratings and Reviews on blogs.

Tags can be associated with Blogs to enable easy and tag based searching.
~ Tags can be displayed in Cloud View & Tab View.

Blogs can be marked Featured, Sponsored and Verified from admin panel.
~ Member Level Settings to enable auto Approval, Featured, Sponsored or Verified blogs from admin panel.

Settings to choose height and width for photos uploaded in blogs.

Admin Settings to enable / disable various features.

Member Level Settings to restrict features to certain member levels.

Widgetized Pages for Blogs Welcome Page, Blogs Home, Locations, Browse Pages for Blogs, Categories & Reviews, View Pages for Blogs, Categories & Reviews, Manage Page, etc.

Multiple Widgets.

Blog Profile Page

4 Attractive designs to be chosen for Blog Profile Page.
~ All pages are admin configurable.
~ Members can choose designs for their blogs from create and edit blog pages.
~ Admin can enable / disable this feature.

Advanced Share option to enable AJAX based quick sharing, Social sharing, site sharing via activity feed or private message.

Blog Albums, location, Music Albums, Videos, Reviews, etc can be shown.

Widgets to show Related Blogs, Similar Blogs.

Settings to create Sub Blog.

About Me widget to show Blog Owner details on Blog Profile Page.


Blogs Can:
~ be Created.
~ have custom Publish Dates.
~ be claimed.
~ have watermarks
~ be Rated.
~ be Added to Favorite.
~ have locations.
~ be Liked and Commented.
~ be marked Featured, Sponsored, Verified and Of the Day from admin panel.
~ be approved / disapproved.
~ be subscribed.
~ have custom default photo

Settings to change text “Blog” and “Blogs”

Settings to change urls “blog” and “blogs”.

Categories / 2nd-level categories / 3rd-level categories can be added.

Custom Fields can be added based on categories.

Welcome Page

A Welcome page enables you to highlight special blogs via various widgets on your website. You can brief your users the benefit to share their blogs on your website.

You can choose to enable the Blogs Welcome page as the Landing Page of your website.

You can enable / disable this page by choosing the redirection from Blogs menu in Main Navigation Menu.

Locations & Location Cluster

Users can choose to associate Locations with their Blogs.

Filtering of blogs over these locations is available in Blogs Search widgets.

New Widgetized page for searching blogs based on their Locations.

The searched blogs are displayed in attractive location cluster.

When there is more than 1 blog for same location, then this cluster is formed and is opened very nicely in circular format.

A red line is shown, on mouseover of each blog, highlighting its path from Original Location.

On mouseover on any blog, you can view the blog in small grid view there in the map.

You can search blog over proximity and other search options on widgetized Locations page.

This page can be easily enabled / disabled from the admin panel.

Reviews & Ratings

Members can review and rate blogs.

Settings to enable / disable reviews on own blogs.

Review Create Page has:
~ Pros and Cons
~ Description
~ Recommended Option

Reviews can be Shared and Reported.

Rating Parameters can be added based on categories.

While giving ratings, mouse over texts can be added for all rating stars like: text “Terrible” can be shown when users mouse over on 1st star.

Reviews can be marked Featured, Verified and Of the Day from admin panel.


Admins can create Categories, 2nd-level categories and 3rd-level categories for Blogs: Allows you to easily categorize Blogs into various Categories, 2nd-level categories and 3rd-level categories of your choice.

2 Widgetized Pages – Browse Categories Page and Category View Page.

Categories Can:
~ have Icons.
~ have thumbnails.
~ Description
~ Own Category Slug. This slug will be automatically selected as that of the Category Name.
~ be shown in Hierarchy View, Icons View, Square Blocks View or Cloud View.
~ easily reordered in the admin panel.
~ have Custom Profile Fields and mapping with them.
~ be categorized to 3 levels.
~ be created and associated with Albums.


Blogs can be claimed for ownerships.

All blog claim requests are moderated by admins.

When a blog is claimed, its current owner will be notified.

Notifications are sent to claimer when admin approve or reject his claim request.

Current blog owner will be notified when a blog request for his blog is approved.

Widgetized Pages

Blogs Welcome Page

Blogs Home Page

Browse Blogs Page

Browse Categories Page

Blog Create Page

Manage Blogs Page

Blog Album View Page

Blog Profile Page Design 1

Blog Profile Page Design 2

Blog Profile Page Design 3

Blog Profile Page Design 4

Category View Page

Browse Tags Page


Advanced Share Widget

Calendar Widget

Category Based Blogs Block View

Category Carousel

Popular / Featured / Sponsored / Verified 3 Blogs View

Popular / Featured / Sponsored / Verified Blogs

and more…

Popular / Featured / Sponsored / Verified Blogs Carousel

Popular / Featured / Sponsored / Verified Blogs Slideshow

Popular / Featured / Verified Reviews

Tabbed Widget for Popular Blogs

Top Blog Posters

Categories Icon View


Advanced Blogs – Packages for Allowing Blog Creation Extension
With this Extension, you can allow the members of your site to create blogs only after subscribing to at-least one of the packages which can be made – Free or Paid from the admin panel. You can make any number of Free / Paid packages by providing different features in each package according to your requirement.

Admin Panel

Admin Can:
~ Choose text for “Blog” and “Blogs”.
~ Choose text for the URL “blog” and “blogs”.
~ Choose to enable Welcome Page as Landing Page of the website.
~ Choose to redirect users to Blogs Welcome Page or Blogs Home Page or Browse Blogs Page on clicking Blogs Menu in Main Navigation Menu bar.
~ Choose to enable / disable locations for blogs.
~ Choose proximity search unit – Kilometer / miles for searching blogs.
~ Choose to make categories mandatory.
~ Choose to make profile photo mandatory.
~ Choose resize pixels for the Large and Medium sized photos.
~ Enable / Disable various features Globally and for certain Member Levels:
– Rating on Blogs.
– Add to Favorite for Blogs.
– Sharing of Blogs.
– Reporting of Blogs.
– Watermark for Blogs.
– Choose number of blogs to be created by members depending on their Member Levels.
~ Manage Blogs
~ Add and manage Categories, 2nd-level categories and 3rd level categories.
~ Add and manage Form Questions and map with categories.
~ Entering criteria into the filter fields will help you find and take appropriate actions on specific entries in all Manage Pages.
~ Manage Claims
~ Review Settings to enable / disable:
– Reviews.
– Pros and Cons fields.
– Review Description.
– Recommended Option.
– Report and Share option.
– Settings for mouseover text for all rating stars
– Manage Reviews
– Various Member Level based settings.
– Rating Parameters can be added based on categories.
~ View Statistics

Note: This plugin is 100% responsive with all responsive themes.

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