New Upgrade – Booking & Appointments Plugin Integration in Android Mobile App

Mobile App development has certainly become one of the most innovative and actively growing sectors which always comes up with something different and unique. With the changing interests and demands of people different Mobile Applications make the changes so that the users would love them. Therefore, we are also doing the same & we have integrated our many plugins with the Native Android Mobile App so that users can excess these plugins on their Mobile Phones easily with the updated versions.

So by keeping this in mind, we always do timely upgrades & enhancements in our mobile apps which make them run smoothly besides letting you stay abreast. We have improvised our Native Android Mobile App & to make it more user friendly and rich in features we have recently upgraded our android app which will bring a lot of new experiences and enhancements in it.

Let’s have a look over the upgrade done in our app:

Booking & Appointments Plugin is now integrated in the Android Mobile App which will help your users to book various types of Services which will be provided by the various Professionals. Here, if you are a Professional and wants to provide your Services then you can also become a professional via this plugin and provide your services.

There are many benefits of Booking & Appointments Plugin and few of them are listed below:

  • Users can Book as many as Services they want.
  • If you are a Professional then you can also become a Professional and provide your Services.
  • As a Professional you can create as many as Services you want.
  • Here, you can check your all types of Appointments (Given, Taken, Cancelled, etc.)

Key Features of Booking & Appointments Plugin

  • Unlimited Bookable Services
  • Calendar Settings for Booking
  • Booking Based Calculations
  • Services booked by Professional
  • Professional – Like, Favourite, Follow & Report
  • Services – Like, Favourite & Share
  • Become a Professional
  • Review & Ratings
  • Appointment Details

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