New Release Announcement – “iOS, Android and Browsers Unicode Emojis Plugin”

Find an awesome range of trendy and Universal emojis to make your activity feeds and comments more interesting and engaging.

The “Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin” already has the ability to enable users to post emoticons in their status updates. But, those simple emoticons don’t have the capability to be shown and supported in the iOS and Android Mobile apps and phones. This plugin provides the Universal Emojis which will work on all the browsers, iOS and Android phones.

With this plugin your users can add attractive and interesting emojis in their posts and comments. Your members can now express their feelings, thoughts, quotes, success stories, messages, wishes, achievements and a lot more via appealing Unicode Emojis as just writing simple text in the posts does not make much impact on readers’ minds.

Emojis are categorized to enable easy searching and selection of Emojis on your website in their posts and comments. This makes this tool very handy and easy to use and a normal user can easily get engaged and used to on your website without knowing any technical details.

Note: a. Requires “Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin” to work in posts.
b. Requires “Advanced Nested Comments with Attachments Plugin” to work in comments.
c. Requires “PHP 7 or above” on your server.d. Requires “intl extension” to be installed on your server.

Benefits: These Unicode Emojis are a plus to your site where you can encourage your users to share their status updates, thoughts, wishes or anything with awesome sets of emojis.

Key Features
  • Universal Unicode Emojis
  • 350+ Emoji Icons
  • 8 Pre-configured Categories
  • Comments with Emojis are amazing
  • Re-ordering of Emojis in Browsers
  • Re-ordering of Emojis Categories
  • Member Level Controls
  • 100% Responsive

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