Enhancements in Advanced Members Plugin

We’re glad to provide a few new enhancements in our Advanced Members Plugin. With these enhancements, you can provide more specific Members Search on your website. Please find the new features listed below:

  1. We have made a setting in the “Advanced Members – Browse Members” widget: “Choose the member levels which you do not want to be searched in this widget?”==> With this setting, you will be able to choose member levels, belonging to which members will not show up on the Browse Members page.

    Use: This setting will be used if you do not want Paid members to be displayed in the Browse Search page on your website or if you do not want free members to be shown. You can restrict any number of Member Levels to be shown on the browse members page.

  2. We have made 2 settings in the “Advanced Members – Member’s Browse Search” widget:a. Choose the profile type which you do not want to be searched in this widget?b. Choose the default profile type which you want to be searched in this widget, do not select profile type which you have checked in above settings?=> With these 2 settings, you will be able to choose which profile type to be made searchable and which not. You can also choose a default profile type which will come when members will visit the Browse Members page. If any member wish to search in all profile types (which you have enabled from the widget), he can choose the “Select a Profile Type” option in the drop down.

    Settings in both the widgets will work in combination. So, please be careful while choosing the settings.

  3. New “Browse Pages for Profile Types”: Using this feature, you can create widgetized pages for searching selected Profile Types for browsing members based on selected Profile Types.On these pages, the selected profile types will only be searched.

    Use: This setting can be used if you have Musicians on your website and you want a dedicated page for Musicians on your website. If you have a profile type for Chefs, then you can provide a page for browsing chefs only.


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