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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

We all know the importance of News and Activity Feeds on social communities, As most of the people are using social networks and wants to share their ideas, thoughts, discoveries, news or might be just for interaction purpose. This is the most used feature of any website.
Advanced News and Activity Feeds is providing this feature in very attractive and advanced way. The quality of feeds it provides will definitely attract your site users.

Key Features

  • Status Update via AJAX
    Auto updation of Activity Feeds via AJAX without page reload makes your activity feeds more attractive for its users.
  • Feeds Filtering
    Showing various feeds under different filters to makes viewing of the feeds more easy and comfortable for the users. It is totally user’s choice that what type of content he wants to view.
  • Feeds in Larger Font Size
    This highly advanced feature allows you to set limit for the feed till which the feeds will be showing in larger font size as you set.
  • 100% Responsive
    The social login interface is optimized for all devices and will automatically adjust to the resolution of your website in Mobile phones, tablets and desktop.
  • Custom Feed Notification
    You can create and post custom notification which will be shown in the feed of your website.
  • Intelligent Auto Notification
    Using this Advanced Setting, you can configure the pre build intelligent automatic notification settings which will intelligently display in the feeds.
  • Status Box Designs
    Professional Activity & Comments Plugin Provides 3 very attractive Designs for Status Box for your users that they won’t be able to resist themselves posting something. Designs for Feed filtering are improved.
  • Highlighted Strings
    Using this unique feature you can highlight various Valuable Strings using different colors, which you want to highlight in feeds posted by your members.
  • Welcome Tab
    Using Welcome Tab you can show introductory content to members to make them familiarize with your website. Here you can also display Friend Requests and Find Friends options to the members.
  • Advanced Features
    Advanced News and Activity Feeds has advanced features like Auto Detection of links for Videos from Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Scheduling a Post
    Scheduling or choosing date/time for posting an update is a very highlighting feature of this plugin to manage the time of its members.
  • Check In
    Users can also share their check ins with other members using this feature.
  • Emoticons
    Users can share their emotions using wonderful emotion Icons under this feature.
  • Preferred Audience
    Under this feature users can choose audience for their posts based on location, gender and age group.
  • Sell Something
    Under this great feature users can give ads for the products they want to sell.
  • Trending Hashtags
    Under this super awesome feature users can post some important updates using hashtags which also can be opened on separate page.
  • Memory On This Day
    Under this feature user will be showing with the memories of the previous year’s current date related to him.
  • Options for Non-Logged In Users
    Likes, Comments and Share (on site) options are visible to non logged in users and on clicking, they got a custom login popup to login for performing these options.
  • Background Color and image for post
    This unique feature allows members to choose some color or image from available options for their updates they are posting.
Sharing Updates/Posts

Photo: Users can add photo type media in their update.

Link: Users can post Links also.

Video: Users can post Videos.

Sell Something: Here users can sell their products by giving following details about their product.
– Product Name
– Its Description
– Its Price
– Location to pick.

File: Users can share Files also in activity feeds.

FB Embed Post: By attaching FB Embed Code users can share their FB posts on your website.

Album: Users can add Multiple Photos in the Comments at the same time. It will work only with our Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin.

Music: Users can post Music.

Event: Users can create and post Events under activity feed compatible with SE Core Events plugin and our Advanced Events Plugin.

Emoticons: Users can also share Emoticons, it will work if you will have our Advanced Nested Comments with Attachments Plugin.

Check In: Users can add location to their posts.

Schedule Posts: Users can choose publish date and time for their posts.

Self Mentioning: Users can self mention themselves in feed which will work as per SE.

Feeds Filtering

This feature makes your activity feed more user friendly as user can view the type of feed according to their interests. Also the design for feed filtering is improved with the new look. These Filters include the following:

All Updates

My Networks



Photos (Compatible with SE Core Photo Album plugin and our
Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin)

Saved Feeds




Sell Something



Events (Compatible with SE Core Events Album plugin and our
Advanced Events Plugin)

Scheduled Posts


And Different Networks

The Filters mentioned above are depending upon the modules presenting on your site.

Feeds Filtering feature is third party compatible so you can customize filters according to the need and trend of your website.

Choosing Preferred Audience

This feature will allow your members to choose preferred audience for their posts based on the following criteria

– World
– Country
– City

– All
– Male
– Female

– Here, user can make his own age group by choosing minimum and maximum age limit.

Activity Feeds

People You May Know field in between the activities With the improved designs.

Auto loading of new activity feeds via AJAX.

Auto loading of old activity feeds via AJAX, if user scroll down the page.

Showing Tooltip information at mouse over via AJAX.

Adding Videos and Music to playlist.

Sharing feeds on different social media.

Users can Save feed.

Showing Tooltip information at mouse over via AJAX.

Users can Report against feed.

Users can Hide particular feed.

Users can hide all feeds by particular member.

Users can also Delete Feeds according to permissions granted.

Users can Disable comments on their particular feed.

New designs are introduced for comments in feed.

Designs for Feed Stats have been improved.

Translate option is added for the Feeds as well as for Comments

Sort By option is added in the Comments

In the comments section, if you add a Link then you can keep or remove the Preview of that Link as per your choice.

Post Privacy

Members can make their updates private from different users according to their need.

They can Choose privacy options among Everyone, Friends & Networks, Friends Only, Only Me and Multiple Networks.

Members can make their post available for particular location, gender and age group, which directly increase privacy for their posts.


Integration with Activity Feed Settings
Seamlessly integrated with Social Engine’s Activity Feed Settings.

Integration with Abuse Report Settings
Seamlessly integrated with Social Engine’s Abuse Report Settings.

Integration with People you may know
Seamless Integration with People You May Know Plugin. This will be shown in Activity Feeds in very attractive carousel form will increase the beauty and usefulness of your site.

Integration with Ad Campaigns
Seamlessly integrated with Social Engine’s Ad Campaign allows you to show ads in between the Activity feeds, will surely be a very good way to make money with.

Integration With LinkedIn
Users can publish their posts on LinkedIn using this feature.

Compatible with SE Facebook Integration
Users can publish their posts on Facebook using this feature.

Compatible with SE Twitter Integration
Users can publish their posts on Twitter using this feature.

Integration with our Advanced Poke, wink, Slap, etc. & Gifts Plugin
Users interaction with each other in terms of pokes, winks, slaps, gifts etc will also be published in Activity Feeds.


Members can tag their friends in their posts.

Suggestions of their friend’s name will come automatically on typing a single letter.

Users can also remove tags, if they have tagged wrong person mistakenly.


Advanced Activity Feed

Advanced Activity Profile Links

Memories On This Day Banner

Trending HashTags

Welcome Tab Section


Enable/Disable feed action – “Like, Comment and Share” for non-loggedin users.

Enable/Disable On This Day Memory.

Enable/Disable auto loading of news feeds.

Enable/Disable Ad Campaigns.

Choosing type of feeds that your users can post.

Allowing members to publish their feeds on LinkedIn.

Allowing members to share their posts on different social networks.

Allowing members to report against feeds posted by other members.

Can post custom feed notification which will be displayed to every member of your site in their news feed.

Can configure intelligent messages for the members like Good Morning and Birthday Wishes.

Can choose the number of filters to show, after this number remaining filters will come under more tab.

Admin can also create, delete and manage filters.

Welcome Tab.
– Enable/ Disable Welcome Tab.
– Can set Duration for the visibility of this tab.
– Can make this tab as the landing page of this plugin.
– Allowing members to upload their profile image under this tab.
– Showing Friend Requests to the members under this tab.
– Allowing members to find their friends under this tab.

Admin can also choose height and width of each photo that for user’s posts.

Now the “GIF Key” setting is shifted to Global Settings instead of a separate main tab in the Admin Panel.

We have moved the “Manage Reactions” section which was coming in the “Comment Settings” section to the main tabs in this plugin.

You will see the New Reactions in your feed (only on Fresh Install).

New 12 Background Images are added in the “Feed Background” and users can upload new Background Images and also can upload the backgrounds in the Zip Folder. (Only on Fresh Install)

NOTE: It’s mandatory to upgrade your activated theme (only for SNS themes), People You May Know Plugin & Basic Required Plugin whenever you upgrade Professional Activity & Nested Comments Plugin so that it should work well.

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    A very but very complete advanced feed! If you also want many other features try this plugin! My users are really happy! Rely on SES, a very competent and serious team!

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