New Release Announcement – “Advanced Contests Plugin”

Advanced Contests is a very powerful and robust plugin that enables you to run and manage contests and competitions on your website. This plugin provides you a full control over the contests on your website by providing many features, settings and options with optimized performance and easy interface.

With this plugin, enable your users to create unlimited contests, participate and vote for the entries. Contest owners can set upto 5 Awards for the top 5 winners of their contests.

Unlike sweepstakes where winners are randomly selected, contests winners are selected by judging using Votes as a set of criteria. Admins can choose to restrict Voting to only logged in members or can enable voting by non-logged in users also. 1 entry can be voted a single time by a user or multiple times depending on the admin settings. Admin can also choose to enable multiple time voting over a specific duration to increase returning traffic to their sites.

This plugin will also help you plan your Marketing Strategy as contests have many benefits and are a great way to give your website a boost in terms of awareness and connection with your audience.

This plugin is a must for your website if you are looking for anything from the list below:

  • Build community and your fan base
  • Engage your audience
  • Increase your Social Shares
  • Empower users to do marketing of your website
  • Increase Subscribers
  • Generate lots of new traffic
  • Need backlinks for SEO
  • Incentivize people to follow
  • Build awareness
  • Need genuine and original data on daily basis
  • Announce Contest Winners
  • And much more …

Advanced Contests Plugin Pages & Features

This plugins comes with various Pre-configured Pages. You can configure, enable / disable feature and pages to make it perfect for your website.

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