SocialNetworking.Solutions Plugins & Themes are Compatible with SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0

SocialNetworking.Solutions Plugins & Themes are Compatible with SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0

Recently, SocialEngine released SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0, a security and maintenance release. This release has a very important security fix, a large number of bug fixes, and also some key improvements. We strongly recommend all SocialEngine PHP clients upgrade their sites as well as SocialNetworking.Solutions fully compatible plugins & themes.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, no worries! Our team can help you with professional upgrade service. If you have custom work on your site then you can contact us for Upgrading to SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0 without Losing Custom work.
See below for a discount! 😉

SocialNetworking.Solutions Plugins & Themes are Compatible with SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0

Why should you upgrade? We always recommend staying up to date with current versions as each release usually includes a good amount of bug fixes. Bugs can be pesky little things, or they can be issues that are hampering your members from being able to use a feature on your social network website. Any software can have these kinds of bugs. The great thing about SocialEngine is that they are always actively developing and releasing new versions.

This is especially important when a release includes a security fix. ALWAYS upgrade when there is a security release. If you aren’t sure about performing the upgrade, look no further than the SocialNetworking.Solutions pro team. We’ve upgraded many thousands of websites, with the care and dedication an expert team of SocialEngine PHP developers provides.

To further entice you to upgrade, and because it’s so very important to do so, we’re going to include a bonus! Everyone who orders a professional upgrade service from SocialNetworking.Solutions till 20 Jan 2023 will receive a 20% discount coupon towards any plugin or theme from SocialNetworking.Solutions. Just request the discount when you open your upgrade ticket and we’ll provide you with a discount code.

Note: Upgrading to SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0 requires access to v6 from SocialEngine. Please contact them if you don’t have access to v6 before requesting an upgrade from SNS.


To boost up the relationship between Experts & Clients, SocialEngine has introduced a new section within their community. So, to stay updated with our New releases, Upgrades & Exciting Offers, please join our SocialNetworking.Solutions Group on SocialEngine Community (after signup).

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