Amp up Your SocialEngine Community with Page Directories!

Amp up Your SocialEngine Community with Page Directories!

Add energy and excitement to your SocialEngine PHP social networking community with the Page Directories plugin! Pages are a wonderful way for members to promote their favorite brand, celebrity, business, hobby, and much more. We’ll show you how the Page Directories plugin by SocialNetworking.Solutions is one of the best investments you’ll make for your community.

Amp up Your SocialEngine Community with Page Directories!

Why do you need the Page Directories plugin?

Directories are quite popular these days as people search for their favorite business, celebrity, cause, hobby, etc. Page Directories allows members to create their own page to showcase things that interest them. These pages are sorted into categories to make it easy for members to find, and for better SEO.

What benefit will your members get from Page Directories?

With Page Directories, as one example, members can showcase their business, including hours of operation, prices, set staff, etc. Pages include insight reports to show how their page is performing. Insights tracks likes, page views, reach, and more.

For members who want to control SEO for their page, they can set the SEO title, description and keywords. This is hugely beneficial for businesses, celebrities, charities and anyone wanting to promote their interests.

What benefit will you get from Page Directories?

You can monetize the Page Directories to earn by setting up packages per member level and charging a fee for members who want to create pages. Your SEO will also get a boost as the page directories become more popular and your traffic grows. With an active site, you can also experience site growth and higher activity.

There are so many more benefits to having Page Directories for your SocialEngine community. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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