All our Plugins & Themes are compatible with SocialEngine PHP 5.0.0

A long-awaited upgrade for SocialEngine – SE PHP 5.0.0 is released now and we are very happy to announce that all our plugins are now compatible with this new version.

SocialEngine 5.0.0 has NEW Serenity theme, Free SocialEngine Mobile App & lot of enhancements, bug fixes & various other ravishing features which will make your experience of using SocialEngine Community more advanced & smooth.

To know more about the complete upgrade Info of SocialEngine PHP 5.0.0, Click here.

What we have done following work for Compatibility:

1. Compatibility with Font Awesome 5 in all our plugins.
2. Compatibility with icons in Custom Fields.
3. Compatibility with improvements in File & Media Manager.
4. Minor bug fixes.

So with this exciting upgrade of SocialEngine, we SocialNetworking.Solutions are providing:

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