New Release Announcement – Group Forums Extension

If you are having a group based community, then it’s obvious to have queries & questions among community members which they want to ask in groups. But for that, forums like section should be there on your site which enables them to do so. So if you are searching for adding a community section in your Groups, then we’re glad to inform you all that we have recently released the most useful Groups Forums Extension which helps you to boost user engagement and build a community in your groups.

This extension is basically created to increase the user interaction by posting topics, questions, replies, solutions to queries, liking & disliking a topic etc. With this extension, users can have discussions with each other related to any group whether it may be Q&A Platform, knowledge sharing space, problem solving support zone etc. depending upon your own choice.

Groups Forums Extension

Key Features of this Groups Forums Extension

  • Unlimited Topic Creation
  • Topic Subscription
  • Topic Rating
  • Add Reputations to Posts
  • Thanks giving to reply
  • Close Topics
  • Sticky Mark for Topics
  • Reply for Topics
  • Quotes on Topic Answers
  • Rich Member Level Settings
  • Manageable Topics
  • Manageable Topic Posts

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