Enhancements in Advanced News & Activity feeds Plugin – Introducing 4th Design Layout for the Status Box and Pinboard View of Feeds.

Our Advanced News & Activity Feeds plugin is rich in features and designs. This plugin already has 3 status box designs with option to show users photo in right, left or center. Now, we are glad to release 2 new and major enhancement in the design of the newsfeed on your website:

4th Design Layout for Status Box

This design is a One Touch on attachment design which will enable your users to choose what they want to share while posting their statuses. The attachment in this design are Bigger and more Prominent to users. Clicking on any attachment will open the status box in attractive popup with after options nicely placed in mini icons.

Pinboard View of Feeds

This new feature will make your Feeds completely different and revamped. The Pinboard view will give a complete new look to your regular boring feeds with beautiful view. It has the member picture on the top and the rest content will be pinned below it.

The Member Photo like our other designs supports all 3 alignments – Left, Right and Center.

The Pinboard feeds support the SocialEngine Ads and the People You May Know suggestions which is dependent on the “People You May Know Plugin

Demo: http://contests.socialenginesolutions.com/
Test Login: test1@sesolutions.com / 123456

We would like to provide you a quick summary of the features which our Advanced News & Activity Feeds plugin already. So, please checkout the list below:

Choose Prefered Audience (Members will be able to Target their posts to prefered audience on your site)

Sell Something with external site URL for purchase

Schedule Post to be published at configured date & time.

Add FB Embed Post Code

Feelings/Activity (Dependent)

Add File

Emoticons (Dependent)

Emojis (Dependent)


Tag People

Create Photo Album (Dependent)

Custom Feed Notifications

Check In (Members will be able to add their location to their posts)

Intelligent Auto Notifications
~ Greeting Notification
~ Remind To Add Date of Birth
~ Enable Birthday Wish
~ Friend’s Birthday Reminder Notification
~ Find Friends

String Color in Feeds with 17 Animation Choice

Feeds Filtering

Welcome Tab

Feed Translation Option

Status Update via AJAX

Pin Posts to Top

On This Day Memory

Feed Actions (Like, Comment & Share) Visibility to Non-Loggedin Users

Feed Font Size & Character Limit Settings
~ Option to show complete post

Feed Sharing on Social Networking Sites
~ Integration with Advanced Sharing Plugin

Enable Ad Campaign in Feed

Enable / Disable users to choose Privacy Settings for their Posts

Alignment of Member Photos

Status Box Placeholder text

Choice of number of photos and their height and width in feeds.


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Read More: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/advanced-news-activity-feeds-plugin/


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