New Plugin Release – Email Verification Reminder Plugin

We’re again glad and excited to announce the release of 1 more useful and important plugin for your social networking website using SocialEngine – Email Verification Reminder Plugin

Get more Verified Emails on your website with this plugin

Email Verification Reminder plugin reminds users to verify their email addresses if they have not already verified their emails. This plugin also send the verification link to the email of a user after signup on your website

In default signup process, you have only 2 choices: a) Enable Email Verification and b) Just send members a welcome email. With the option (a) – users will not be able to login to their account until they verify their emails or admin approves their account and in option (b) – users will never get an option to verify their email.

With the email verification, you would be able to:

  • To verify user’s identity
  • Genuine users
  • Auto Account Suspension
  • Fight Spam
  • Filter Verified and Non-verified users
  • Reduce fraud or mischievous activities

What users have to do:

  • See the Tip and Verify their Emails
  • Request for New Email Verification Link

Admin panel: This plugin provides you a very rich & powerful admin panel to customize the Email Verification Reminder Tip for your websites. Below are the settings which an admin can configure:

  • Tip Message
  • Text for %s (Resend The Verification Link) in Tip
  • Display Close Button?
  • Email Verification Tip Visibility
  • Tip Background Color
  • Tip Font Color
  • Auto Suspend Duration
  • Manage Members for Email Verification

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