Introducing Revamped Design & New Features in Android Mobile App

Mobile App development is certainly become one of the most innovative and actively growing sectors which always comes up with something different. With the changing interests and demands of people different Mobile Applications make the changes so that the users would love them. Similarly, our mobile app developers are always looking for an update that what’s new & innovative can we do to make our Apps which can give the users new experiences with more user friendly environment.

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We at SocialNetworking.Solutions are very excited to announce the release of New Revamped Activity Feed in Native Android Mobile App which will provide you with completely new designed screens, with new enhanced features and few bug fixes!!

  • Introduced New Theme & Designs

    • Introduced the newly designed White Theme.
    • All the Screens related to Activity Feed are newly designed.
    • View of Activity Feed is completely changed.
    Mobile App
  • Changed Dashboard Menu

    • All the dashboard menu icons are changed.
    • Dashboard is shifted in the bottom.
    • An additional “+” button is added for creating the Posts and helps in performing various other functionalities.
    Mobile App
  • Designs of the Feed Types

    • Feed Type with Photo is improved.
    • Designs of feed types is improved.
    • Feed Type with multiple photos is newly designed.
    Mobile App
  • Sharing of Feeds

    • When you go for sharing the feeds then a popup will open which will gives you various options to share the content with.
    • If you want to share the content directly on Facebook or Whatsapp from the feed then, there is an option coming to share your content.
    • If you have disabled the “Share” option for any of the feed then icons for sharing on Facebook and Whatsapp will also not visible.
    Mobile App
  • Changed Icons & Emoticons

    • Icons for the feeds are completely changed like Like, Comments, Share.
    • Emoticons used for reactions are different.
    • Icon for Drawer is improved.
    • And many more icons are changed…
    Mobile App
  • Few More Enhancements

    • Changed Status Box designs.
    • Changed Post Status page.
    • New option for Saving Feed directly from the feed is introduced.
    • Menu Tab designs are improved.
    • Option for Message is added in the Header.
    Mobile App
  • Few Bug Fixes
    In our latest App, we have done some bug fixes to enhance the quality and for the better experience of our clients.

These are some highlights of our Newly Revamped Android Mobile App. To see it in work click here.

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