Stories Feature Plugin Integration in iOS Mobile App and Compatibility with new iOS Versions

In recent years, with the rapid growth in technology, mobile phones have become a vital part in human life. As Mobile Phones has made everyone’s life very easy and use to these devices. According to stats, the highest percentage of traffic is received from Mobile phones only because if we see, Mobile Phones are very handy & provide everything the user wants. Therefore, we have integrated our many Plugins with the Native iOS Mobile App so that users can excess these plugins on their iOS Mobile Phones easily with the updated versions.

We all know that technology is improving rapidly, so timely upgradation of mobile apps makes it run uniformly besides lets you stay abeam. We have contrive our Native iOS Mobile App to make it more user friendly and run more smoothly.

With rich in features, we have recently upgraded our iOS App which will bring a lot of new experiences and enhancements in it.

Let’s have a look over the new upgrade done in our iOS app:

  • Stories Feature Plugin Integration

    Stories Feature Plugin in now integrated in the iOS Mobile App also with its various enticing features which will be very useful for your users to share their experiences by creating Stories in the form of Photos / Videos with different Privacy Settings to show it with their friends or with all the users.

    Here are some benefits of Stories Feature Plugin which are listed below, have a look over them:

    • Users can create as many as Stories they want to.
    • They can share Stories as Photos/Videos with Filter Effects, Stickers, Emoticons, Text, Drawings, Comment on Stories, Highlighted Stories & many more…
    • All the uploaded stories will get expire after 24 hours and you can see them in Archive Section.

  • Compatibility of App with iOS 13 and Swift 5

    Native iOS Mobile App will now support the new iOS versions i.e. iOS 13 and Swift 5. You can easily access all the functionality with the upgraded app.

  • Few Bug Fixes

    In our latest App, we have done some bug fixes to enhance the quality and for the better experience of our clients.

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