The Company & Business – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Instructions

The Company & Business – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme is a fully responsive theme packed with some really great features! This tutorial will walk you through everything theme has to offer.

If you haven’t installed it yet, please follow the instructions.

This tutorial assumes you are already logged in to your Admin Panel.

1. Installation of the Theme:

In the Main menu, click on the tab  Manage and select Packages and plugins


2. Install the package of the respective theme.


3. In the Main Menu, click on name of the Theme tab and Activate the theme.

4. After activating the theme from the Global settings, configure other settings on the same page:

You may set Company Theme Landing Page and may configure Sign In & Sign Up Popup Settings from here.

5. Custom  Landing page:

Here, you can manage and configure Testimonials, Clients, Features, Slides, Statistics, Introduction Video & Features and Teams settings.

6. Custom Header:

Under Manage header, you have the option to configure Header settings, manage Main menu icons and search modules.

7. Custom Footer:

Under Manage Footer, you have the option to configure the Heading, description and links.


8. Pre-Build Color Schemes and Custom Color Schemes:

Under Color Schemes: Choose theme color from the available 9 default color schemes or make new one.

9. Custom  Fonts:

Under Manage fonts, you can choose to enable the Google Fonts or others for body, heading , tabs and menus.

Note: If by any reason you intent to Disable the theme, you may do it simply by Clicking Disable the theme from Manage package section.
** Do not directly activate any other theme from the Theme Editor section. Please remember to disable the Theme Module.