SocialEngine 4.10 – All Our Plugins and Themes are Compatible

We’re glad to inform you that all our plugins are now compatible with this latest release of SE 4.10.

You can now upgrade our plugins on your website. But, if you need to get SE or our plugins to be upgraded on your website, then you can contact our support team from here:

Or If you want our professionals to upgrade the SocialEngine to its latest version on your website, then you can order our “Professional SocialEngine Installation and Upgrade” from here:

Important: To our clients who are using our Responsive SpectroMedia Theme, Responsive Expose Theme, FB Style Theme or Responsive Vertical Theme on their websites, to please take backup of “constant.xml” file from the file path: /application/settings/constants.xml as this file can be overwritten while upgrading SocialEngine and your changes can be lost.

Where to get the update: You can download this latest version of SocialEngine PHP from your SocialEngine client area.

Duplicate column name ‘params’ Conflict in upgrading to SE 4.10

If you have our Advanced News & Activity Feeds plugin installed on your website, then you will face an issue of “Duplicate column name ‘params’” as shown in below screenshot.

To resolve the issue and successfully upgrade SocialEngine on your website, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please upgrade SocialEngineSolutions Basic Required plugin on your website.
  2. Open the URL: www.YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/admin/sesbasic/settings/se410-before-upgrade
  3. Now, upgrade SE to its latest version 4.10 on your website.
  4. Since, you have now upgraded SocialEngine on your website, please open the below URL: www.YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/admin/sesbasic/settings/se410-after-upgrade
  5. Please note: Both the URLs need to be opened only once as per the above sequence.

The steps are required as a database field name “params” is used by us in the plugin which is now being used by SocialEngine. So, to avoid the conflict, these above steps are required to be followed.

If you are still facing any issue, then please contact us support team.

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