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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

Why do You Need “Stories Feature” in iOS Mobile App?

  • Stories Plugin will help your users to interact with the others through the Stories which will increase the User Interaction.
  • You can make your Photos and Videos more Attractive and Interesting using this Plugin.
  • With the use of this Plugin, you can easily Increase Content Visibility as users pay more attention on the Stories coming at the Top of the Feeds instead of Photos / Videos coming from the Status box.
  • Here, you can perform various tasks while uploading the Stories like add emoticons, apply filters, add fonts, can comment on the Stories and many more…
  • Listing of Stories at the Top, makes the UI of App more Mesmeric and Winsome.
Stories Feature in iOS Mobile App

Nowadays, Stories become very popular as people are using it very often via Social Media which will help users to interact with others and also help them to get the updated easily. Using Stories Feature in Mobile App gives users an amazing and different experience as they can Upload Photo / Video with various features like add Comments, give Reactions, apply Filtering Effects, add Stickers, Emoticons, add Text & change Fonts, and many more new exciting things…..

With the help of Stories Feature Plugin in the iOS Mobile App, users can easily share their Photos/Videos with their friends. Every Story uploaded will go in your “Archive” section after 24 hours if you don’t delete the Story as after 24 hours story will expire automatically and users are not able to see it. When multiple users upload their Stories then you can see them in the form of Slideshow. The Position of Stories are set at the Top Right Corner of the Status Box so that User can easily find and see the Stories.

Stories Feature Plugin will provide your App with a new and exciting Feature which will attract more and more users to share their Experiences in a unique way. You can also check the Plugin by visiting our App where you can upload your Memories, Fun, Experiences, Joy and share the same with the others or share the feelings of others.

Add Stories

Here, you can add as many as Stories you want as there is no limit on adding the Stories. You can add Photo / Video of your choice.

Media Supported

Your Stories can be Photos / Videos and you can upload them via Gallery of your Phone or directly with the Camera.


Using this Plugin, you can give various Filter Effects to your Story to make it more attractive and interesting like you can add emoticons, add Text, Draw something, can change Fonts and many more addition changes in Photos.

Story Privacy

If you want to show the Story to some group of people then you can change the Privacy settings while adding the Story,

  • Go to the “Archives” section
  • Click on the “Settings” icon and choose “Story Settings”
  • Here, you can change the “View” and “Comment” Privacy of the stories.

Replies on Story

Along with the viewing of Stories, you can also give comments on the Stories of your friends with the Subject & Message from the Story View Page.

Story View Count / List

You can easily View the List of users who has viewed your Profile from the “Story View” Page just by clicking on the “Eye” present on the bottom of this page.

Delete Stories

Here, if you want to Delete any of your uploaded Story then, you can easily remove it from the delete option present on Story View Count/List at the Story View Page.

Report Story

If you find any Story offensive then you can Report that Story anytime you want from the View Page of the Story which will be listed in the “Abuse Report” section present in the Admin Panel of the Website.

Mute Stories

Users can Mute the Stories of their Friends and other Members if they don’t want to see their stories in future. If you mute the story of any Member then it will only Mute their stories and not the activity feed/post. Users can see all the Muted Stories in the “Stories You Muted” section from the Archive Section.

Archive Story

Stories uploaded by you will get disappeared automatically after 24 hours but you can see all your stories from the “Archive” section. As it contains all the photos/videos uploaded by you till now.

Highlight Story

If you want to Highlight the Story on your Profile Page then you can highlight any of the story present in the See Archive section just by marking them highlight.

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