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We always emphasis on having an attractive and elegant Website that can increase the involvement of Users and ratings by them for what it has been made. A theme controls the general look and feel of your site including things like Page Layout, Widget Locations, and Default Font and Color Choices etc. New themes are always being added, keep checking for new designs: you can change your theme as often as you like.

So our new Responsive AtoZ theme is a Multipurpose theme which comes up with the Unique design and updated features which makes it totally different from other themes in every aspect. It will serve the purpose via which you can give a creative and outstanding look to your website by providing various settings for Landing page, Customizable Header & Footer, Pre- built Color Schemes, Manageable Banners, Adjustable Fonts for your Website. You can also send Newsletters to your website subscribers.

This theme provides you all the enhanced looks and functionality which you exclusively want for the transformation of your website. It is highly configurable with new Sign In and Sign Up CTA Buttons, Content Highlight option, Feature Blocks, Statistics Counter in Parallax, 6 Content Strips and Member Cloud for Landing Page, so you can easily make any modifications from the Admin Panel.

Responsive AtoZ Theme as the name suggests is well suited for all types of websites: Commercial websites, Personal websites, Community Building website, E-Commerce website, Informational website, Writers / Authors website, Mobile Device website, Photo Sharing websites, Directory websites and many more……

Note: This theme is 100% responsive and compatible with all 3rd party plugins which are developed following SE standards


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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.0

Software Version: 6.5.0

Last Update: November 27, 2023

Highlights and Benefits

Attractive & Configurable Landing Page

A Complete theme Package with the attractive Landing page is designed to make your website look more expressive and trending. You can easily choose the Background Image, Color Schemes, 6 Content Strips, Member Cloud settings, Heading and Moving Descriptions for the Landing Page.

Attractive Banner Slideshow

  • Each banner is highly configurable and can have unlimited slides with Title and Description for each slide.
  • In this theme you are allowed to create and manage numbers of Banner slideshows.
  • You can add as many slides you want in the banner Slideshow and configure them also from Admin Panel.
  • You can place these banners anywhere on your website including the Landing Page and any other widgetized page of your choice.

Manageable 6 Content Strips

  • With this feature you can manage the content which forms various strips of content by adding Main Background Image, Title, Description, URL, Logo, etc. which will get displayed at the Landing Page very beautifully.
  • You can also give Video URL in this setting from Admin Panel which will get displayed after clicking on background image at the landing page very beautifully.

Member Cloud

You can also add Member Cloud at your landing page which will display the members of your website with their Names, Profile Photos and other details on mouseover very creatively. You can also choose various other settings from Admin Panel.

Exclusive Feature Blocks

  • This theme comes up with the various featured Block widgets which you can easily place at Landing page and other pages of your website to make it more featurable and informative.
  • These blocks signifies the elements of your website by which it has been made. These blocks are highly configured by default for your ease and comfort. You just have to place it anywhere you want.

Statistics Counters in Parallax

  • Counters in Parallax is best suited feature for your website if you want to showcase its statistics at any page. You can easily configure settings from Admin Panel for it.
  • For each counter you are allowed to give Counter value and text which get displayed at your website.

Promotional Banner for Mobile Apps

You can easily give promotion to the Mobile Apps with this Banner by adding Heading, Description, Screenshot for mobile, Android and iOS Store links from Admin Panel which get displayed at your website.

Attractive Content Highlighters

  • With the help of this feature you can highlight any content of your website at any page. It will get displayed on the basis of Modules(Plugins) which you choose from the widget specifically.
  • You can also choose various other designs for the content highlighters which will get displayed at Landing and other widgetized page very beautifully.

Uniquely Designed Header

  • Transparent Header can make the look of your website more attractive. Transparent Header on Landing page is compatible with the background image.
  • Main Menus can be placed in two ways:
    • ~ Horizontal
    • ~ Vertical: For Vertical View, Main Menu Opening effect are of two types
      – Slide
      – Overlay
  • Mini Menus like Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications, Settings, etc. are built with attractive icons.
  • Tooltips for easy access and action on various notifications, messages and friend requests.
  • Search box with AJAX based searching enabled for various modules installed on your website.
  • Header Options can be configured for with Logo for Non-Logged or Logged in members individually.
  • Background Image for Main Menu and its Items can be configured also.

Vertical & Horizontal Header Options

Header decides the overall quality and feel of your website. You can transform the look of your website by enabling the header in two ways:

  • Vertical Header – get displayed vertically at the corner.
  • Horizontal Header – get displayed horizontally at the top of your website like other normal Headers.

12 Pre configured Color Schemes

One click and easy to choose theme colors from the available 12 default color schemes categorized as – Light Color Schemes, Dark Color Schemes.
You can also make new one by configuring it according to your requirement.

You can Design a new theme just by configuring these settings:

  • Header Styling Settings
  • Footer Styling Settings
  • Body Styling Settings

You can create as many new themes you want, Edit them and Remove them also.

Extensive Typography & Modifiable Fonts

  • This theme comes with a choice of Multiple Fonts from Google Fonts and Web Safe Fonts which are included in this theme. Based on Main menu, Body and other places, you can choose the Font Style and Font Size on your website.
  • With this feature you can make your website look more stylish and attractive with the varieties in the Fonts.
  • You can also modify these fonts as per your requirement.
  • Not only Font type but also the font size can vary for distinct sections on your website.

  • Designer Widget Blocks, Menu Bars & Tab Bar
    As we have provided so many features and options, but some extra configurable settings for designer Widget Blocks, Menu Bars & Tab Bar are also provided exclusively in this theme.
  • Custom CSS
    Admins can easily mention there theme custom works in the Custom CSS section in the admin panel of this widget.
    These changes mentioned in the admin panel will not be lost during theme upgrade.With this theme, you do not have to mention the changes in the Theme.CSS file.
  • Unlimited Slides in Each Banner Slideshow
    • This theme has option to let you create and manage Unlimited Banner Slideshows.
    • With this theme you are allowed to add Unlimited Slides in each banner for your website.
    • These slides are highly configurable from Admin Panel.
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
    • You are allowed to get the newsletter emails of all your social network subscribers which they have sent to you for their queries.
    • With this theme you are also allowed to send an email to all of your members. An email will be sent to you when all emails have been sent.

High Configurable Widgets

AtoZ Theme has uniquely designed widgets which will make your website more elegant and unique so that it can stand out from others.
This Theme comes with various widgets such as:

  • Banner Slideshow
  • Counters
  • Custom Navigation Menu
  • Features
  • Features Block Two
  • Features Block Three
  • Footer Menu
  • Header
  • Landing Page Header
  • Home Slider
  • Login
  • Member Cloud
  • Mobile App
  • Newsletter
  • Static Buttons

Robust Admin panel

This theme has a very robust admin panel and all the featured explained in this description can be very easily enabled / disabled and configured from the admin panel of this theme. Other configurable settings are:

  • Configure various settings
  • Set your own color scheme
  • Set attractive landing page
  • Choose Vertical/Horizontal Header

Important Help Links

You can easily get help and support for your Queries and Features requests regarding this theme. It will surely help you out!!

  • You will get all the useful help links of tutorials and FAQs for this theme.
  • Also if you want any kind of support from us then you can also file a ticket.
  • You can Contact Us, Get Recent Updates through Blogs and Write your reviews and feedbacks about this theme.
  • Stay updated by subscribing the newsletter if you want any information and other updates about this theme.

100% Fully Responsive Design

The theme is 100% responsive. Automatically adapts to any devices (Mobile phone, tablet and desktop). You can take full control of the color scheme and designing of theme with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this theme from setting to styling.

1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This theme can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorial and FAQs for this theme will make it more easy for you to setup and use this theme on your site.

Lifetime Upgrades with 90 Days Free Support

Get free upgrades lifetime for this theme and free support for first 90 days of your purchase.

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