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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

Why Should I have this Plugin?

  • Professional Profile Fields Plugin is well suited for Professional websites where site owner can ask for the multiple profile fields such as Education, Skills, Experience, Certifications etc. from the users which helps in identifying their exact Profession.
  • It increases the quality of your website by asking the advanced profile details which totally belongs to Profession & Interest of users.
  • Like Linkedin, Users can fill Profile Fields directly from their Profile from ‘Add New Profile Section’ and those fields will get visible to the other site users whenever they visit at each other Profile Page under Info tab.
  • This Plugin is easy to use & configure as Admin can choose which fields users can add at their Profile and Number of total entries allowed for those fields on the Member Level basis.
SocialEngine Professional Profile Fields Plugin

Whenever you visit any Professional Portal Site, you might notice thousands of User Profiles displayed or categorized on the basis of Job skills, Experience & other Professional Information. When you view a profile, the first thing you want to see is information of the person, so that you can know that person better and for that you first have to look through his/her profile information. This information plays an important role for the job seekers and other professionals who might search people of the same interest and profession so that they can connect with them in the Network and can get new links and references. So If you also want to build your Professional Network Site and want the same feature for asking the complete info from registered users via Profile Fields, then Professional Profile Fields Plugin is the best choice for you.

With this Plugin, you can allow your registered users to add multiple profile fields such as Work Experience, Education, Skills, Accomplishments for which subfields like Honors & Awards, Organizations, Courses, Projects, Languages can also be filled which will provide information of the person more specifically and clearly to the site owner and other site users for developing strong Network. Also this Info about user will assure job portal site owner about the profession & Interest so that jobs recommendations can come on info basis which he had filled up.

Easy to Add Profile Fields

Sub Fields for Profile Fields

Field Auto Complete

Attractive Info Display

Edit/Delete Entries

Manageable Profile Field Entries

Enable Profile Info Fields for User

Maximum Allowed Entries

Manage Schools

Manage Degrees

Manage Field of Study

Manage Positions

Manage Companies

Manage Authorities

Manage Skills

Manage Languages

Member Level Settings


1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorial and FAQs for this plugin will make it more easy for you to setup and allow your users to send birthday wishes to their friends very easily.

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