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Republic Day Offers 2021 – Get Flat 30% OFF On All SNS Products till 31st January 2021 - Coupon Code: 72ndRepublicDay_30

Advanced Jobs – Packages for Allowing Job Creation Extension



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Compatible With: SocialEngine 5.0.0

Software Version: 5.4.0

Last Update: Jan 8, 2021

If you have any Job Portal website or social network for professionals, then it might be sure that you want to restrict job creation by users through any Package or subscription based method. Allowing Packages for content creation also proves to be the best method for monetization on such types of websites. So do you also want to get monetized from the jobs on your website & allow your site users to choose packages of their choice whenever they create Jobs, then here is the Packages for Allowing Job Creation Extension using which you create as many packages for jobs on your website.

With this Extension, you can allow the members of your site to create Jobs only after subscribing to at-least one of the packages which can be made – Free or Paid from the admin panel. You can make any number of Free / Paid packages by providing different features in each package according to your requirement. There might be a question arising in your mind that why will members pay money to you for creating jobs on your website? The jobs on your website will encourage your site users to connect with each other & create as many professional networks as they can. With social sharing, they can give more reach to their jobs & hire the best professionals.

Get monetized on your website with Packages for Allowing Job Creation Extension.


  • Package Title & Description

    Each package can have its own title and description.

  • Jobs Count

    For each package, you can choose the number of jobs users will be able to create on your website.

  • Member Level

    You can set the visibility of the package based on the member level of the user.

  • Billing Duration

    On the basis of duration, you can decide when the package will get expired on your website.

  • Price

    A package can be made Free or Paid. So, you can enter the price of the package and choose the Billing Cycle to be charged:

    1. Recurring Payment
    2. One Time
  • Package Inclusions

    You can choose the features that you want to include in the Packages for creating jobs on your website. This setting will affect packages globally.

    1. Package Description
    2. Featured
    3. Sponsored
    4. Verified
    5. Custom Profile Fields
  • Enable SEO Fields

    For increasing the ranking of the jobs created under specific packages, you can enable SEO fields while package creation.

  • Auto Approve Jobs

    You can choose to auto-approve jobs of paid packages and manually approve the free packages to ensure the quality of Jobs content on your website. Likewise, when job owners will see differences from auto-approve jobs, they will upgrade their package and you will get more payments.

  • Allow Custom Fields

    You can choose to enable / disable custom profile fields so that the lower or free packages do not have the details in their jobs, but the jobs created in higher packages have more profile fields and details about their jobs. More subscription to Paid packages will mean more monetization!

  • Automatically Marking as Featured, Sponsored, Verified

    You can choose to automatically mark jobs created in higher packages as featured, Sponsored, Verified so that Job owners get more encouragement to subscribe to higher packages. This will give their jobs more visibility and weightage on your website.

  • Highlight Package

    You can create multiple unlimited packages and choose any packages to be highlighted among all the packages.

  • Show In Upgrade?

    You can allow a package to be shown to the Job owner in the Upgrade Package section, so that they can upgrade to available higher packages.

  • Allow to Upload Job Main Photo

    Job Main Photo can be enabled / disabled.

  • Job Price

    You can choose to enable / disable job owners to enter price for their Jobs based on Packages.

  • Enable Contact Info

    You can enable Overview to be entered in Jobs in packages.

Admin Panel

  • Enable / Disable packages for Job creation.
  • Select Package Features which will be shown to users while subscribing for the Package.
  • Set the activation of Jobs after payment:
    • – Enable Job immediately, before the payment passes the gateways’ fraud checks
    • – Enable if user has an existing successful transaction, wait if this is their first
    • – Wait until the gateway signals that the payment has completed successfully
  • Choose the alignment for Packages:
    • – Horizontal
    • – Vertical
  • Create new job packages
  • Edit / View existing packages
  • Enable / Disable existing packages
  • Manage Job packages payment transactions made on site

1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorials and FAQs for this plugin will make it easier for you to set up and create packages for allowing creation of jobs on your website.

Lifetime Upgrades with 90 Days Free Support

Get free upgrades lifetime for this plugin and free support for first 90 days of your purchase.

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