New Upgrade – Advanced Forums Integration in Android Mobile App

Now-a-days, everything becomes very fast and vast as every new thing becomes old after sometime and this all happens due to Mobile Phones. Mobile Phones have changed the way of thinking and mindset of users. Certainly these have made the lives of people much more convenient and also changed the way that people interact with each other. So, we are also keeping ourself updated with the trend by upgrading our Native Android App on timely basis to give our users new things and experiences.

With the changing technology, we have improvised our Native Android Mobile App to make it more user friendly and run more smoothly. We at SocialEngineSolutions are glad to announce the release of new upgraded feature in our Native Android Mobile App which will bring a lot of new experiences and more user friendliness to your app.

Below are the list of new enhancements that are being upgraded with this release:

Advanced Forums Integration

Advanced Forums Plugin is now integrated in the Android Mobile App which will help your users to interact with others, can help to get the solutions for their every problem, will help in representing their thoughts and many more…

Some of the benefits are listed below which will help you and your users in various ways:

  • You can create as many as categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories, forums.
  • Your users can create as many as topics they want according to their queries, thoughts and can post reply to the topics of their interest.
  • Users can subscribe to the topics, can give reputation for the posts, can say thanks for the posts, etc..

Have a look over the working of Advanced Forums Plugin in Android Mobile App:

Few Bug Fixes

See our latest updated App where we have done few bugs fixes to give you the better experience and some of the bug fixes are:

  • Functionality of “Settings” and “Contact Us” of the App
  • Now users can post any length of data in Activity Feed
  • Mutual Friends are working correctly
  • Some changes in the “Sell Something” Post Type

Improved UI

To make the App more user friendly and attractive, we have improved the UI of App like:

  • Splash Screen of the App
  • Loading Bar of the App
  • Changes in the Welcome screen.
  • Changes in the UI of Joining “Networks” from the Settings
  • Changes in “Sell Something” post type