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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

What is the Need of This Plugin?

  • With the help of Advanced Forums Plugin, you can allow your users to create numbers of posts in the forums created by the site admin. Also they can share each other views, ideas, and liking/disliking on any specific topic.
  • Users can say thanks to the answer poster of the topic if they find them useful as per their choice.
  • Topic Posters can close their posted topics so that no more answering can be done on that particular topic.
  • If any user wants to make his/her topic sticky, then it can be done with this plugin and that topic post will get pinned at the top of all the topic posts.
  • Reputation for the answers given for the posted topics can be given as increase or decrease which will get displayed with that particular answer.
  • Users can make the posts identical with the help of this plugin by adding Forum Signature which will be displayed after their every post for the forum topics.
  • When your customers have a technical or generic support question, they can hop into the forum and check to see if the issue is already posted. If it’s a new problem, then they can post and get their problem solved.

Are you looking to add a community section on your SE website? Forum is a great way to boost user engagement and build a community around your site. forums are an effective community-building tool where your website visitors can participate by posting questions, sharing solutions, new ideas, etc. When they participate, they’re more likely to come back, buy your products, and recommend them to their friends and family.

Advanced Forums Plugin is created to serve the purpose with the help of which your users can create forums, start discussions & can interact in many ways like posting topics, questions, replying, liking or disliking a topic. Your forum could be a Q&A (question-and-answer) platform, discussion board, knowledge sharing space, or a problem-solving support zone depending upon your choice. It helps you to create engaged online user community. You can say Thanks to the answer posters of your question, can restrict answering on posts by closing them, can stick any topic to top etc.

Categories for Forums

Before creating Forums & Topics in them, Categories for forums need to be created first which site admin can create from Admin Panel of this Plugin. Admin can create as many categories for the forums as want by filling the various fields such as :

  • Category Title
  • Category Description
  • Category Icon
  • Member Levels

You can also create the subcategories and sub-subcategories by selecting their Parent Category at the time of filling the form for creation of Category.

Unlimited Forums Creation

Online forums allow site users to post various topics in the forums and can share their ideas, views and opinions about that topic and can communicate with each other. So Advanced Forums Plugin is one of a kind which help site Admin to create unlimited forums from the Admin Panel of this Plugin and other site users can post discussion topics in various forums and can get answers for them. Admin can edit / delete forums from Admin Panel.

At the time of Forum creation, site admin can fill various details for it from the Admin Panel such as:

  • Forum Title
  • Forum Description
  • Category
  • Member Levels
  • Forum Icon

Unlimited Forum Topics Creation

Site users can post unlimited topics in any forum of their choice which was created by the site admin from the admin panel. On any of the topic, other site users can give their replies & answers and share their opinions & suggestions for that topic.

Quick Navigation Menu

With the help of Quick Navigation, site users can access Categories, Sub-Categories and Forums in just one click. As this navigation menu provides a dropdown of all the categories and forums through which users can easily access them.

User Dashboard for Forums

This plugin provides Dashboard for forums to every site user where he/she can have a track of all the activities performed for the forums such as :

  • My Topics: This section contains all the topics created by the user in the forums.
  • My Posts: Here all the posts given on the various topics of the forums by the users will get listed.
  • My Subscribe Topics: This section contains a list of all the topics subscribed by the user.
  • Topics I Liked: Here all the topics of the forums liked by the user will get displayed.
  • Posts I Liked: This section contains all the posts liked by the user in the forum topics.
  • Edit Signature: Here you can edit your signature which will be displayed on the Topic View Page.

Topics Subscription

Admin can allow the users to subscribe the topics and users can Subscribe to topics to receive notifications about new posts under that topic so that whenever any new reply or quote submitted for that topic or any other activity get performed for that topic, the subscribed user will get notified.

Like, Share, Report Topics

  • Users are allowed to like any of the forum topic and post as per their choice from the forum topic view page.
  • Also the forum topics and posts can be easily shared from its view page anytime the user wants.
  • If any of the user found forum topic post irrelevant or offensive, then he/she can report that reply from topic’s view page.

Forum Signature

With the help of this plugin, users can add Forum Signature which will be beneficial for them as this signature will be displayed after every post done by them and also make their posts identical. These forum signatures will also increase the visibility of posts and helps in increasing the reputation of users.

Forum Topics Rating

To give more visibility to the Forum Topics, this plugin provides you Rating feature with the help of which users can give ratings out of 5 for the forum topics from Forum Topic’s View Page.

Topic Tags

  • Each Forum Topic can have its own Tags / Keywords which will help in better searching of the topics on your website.
  • These tags can be shown in attractive Hierarchy view on your website. Clicking on each tag will show topics using the same tag. Tags also have their own Browse page for specific search of Topics.

Forum Statistics

Forum statistics like Total Forums, Total Posts, Topics, Users, Total Active Users etc. can be displayed in an attractive manner using Forum Statistics widget.

2 Attractive Design Views for Forum Main Page

This plugin have very attractive 2 different design views to be chosen from for the Categories and Forums. For both the views, various settings like subcategories, sub-subcategories, count of categories, etc. are available in the Layout editor in admin panel which will make the Forum Main Page with an attractive and eye-catching look.

  • Add Reputation for Posts

    Users can increase / decrease reputation of post creators if they find their posts valuable and informative.

  • Thanks giving to Reply Posters

    Users can give thanks to post creators, if they found their posts helpful that resolved their queries.

  • HTML for Posts

    Admin can enable / disable users to use HTML in their posts.

  • Close Forum Topics

    Topic poster can close any of the topic posted by him so that other users get restricted from giving replies on that topic. This can be done from the Topic View Page.

  • Sticky Mark for Forum Topics

    Users can mark any of the forum topic as Sticky so that the topic will get pinned to top among all the topics of any particular forum.

  • Reply for Forum Topics

    Users can give replies for the topics posted under various forums on your website.

  • Quotes on Topic Answers

    Users are also allowed to give a quote on any of the replies given for the forum topic by the other users on your website.

Rich Member Level Settings

Manageable Forum Topics

  • Site Admin is allowed to manage all of the topics posted by the site users. Admin can use this page to monitor the forum topics and delete offensive material if necessary.
  • This section will display all the details related to the forum topics such as Topic ID, Forum Name, Title Owner, Creation Date etc.

Manageable Topic Posts

  • Site Admin is allowed to manage all of the topic posts submitted by the site users on your website. Admin can use this page to monitor the topic posts and delete offensive material if necessary.
  • This section will display all the details related to the topic posts such as Post ID, Post Title, Topic Name, Forum Name, Owner, Creation Date etc.

9 Widgetized Pages

15+ Highly Configurable Widgets

100% Responsive

The plugin is 100% responsive. Automatically adapts to any devices (Mobile phone, tablet and desktop). You can take full control of the color scheme and designing of plugin with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this plugin from setting to styling.

1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorial and FAQs for this plugin will make it easier for you to setup and create Ads using this plugin on your site.

Lifetime Upgrades & 90 Days Free Support

Get free upgrades lifetime for this plugin and free support for first 90 days of your purchase.

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