New Release – Page Directories Forums Extension

New Release - Page Directories Forums Extension

There will always be a requirement to clear the queries for various content types as sometimes it is difficult to understand what the user actually wants to share. So, adding a community on a site is good but adding the same community section in Page Directories is really amazing where users can clear all the queries with the help of Forums. So, we’re glad to inform you all that we have recently released the Page Directories Forums Extension which helps you to lift user engagement and build a community in your pages.

Forum Extension is useful in increasing the user engagement on the site by ?posting topics, questions, replies, solutions to queries, liking & disliking a topic etc. Users can appreciate the others by saying thanks on their posts if they find them useful, can add reputations, can quote on the posts and perform various others actions. You can lead the discussions in different ways such as Q&A Platform, knowledge sharing space, and many more depending upon your own choice.

New Release - Page Directories Forums Extension

Key Features of Page Directories Forums Extension

  • Unlimited Topic Creation
  • Topic Subscription
  • Topic Rating
  • Add Reputations to Posts
  • Thanks giving to reply
  • Close Topics
  • Sticky Mark for Topics
  • Reply for Topics
  • Quote on Topics Answers
  • Rich Member Level Settings
  • Manageable Topics
  • Manageable Topic Posts

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