New Release Announcement – Members Moderation Toolbox

New Release Announcement - Members Moderation Toolbox

In this online world, a website’s reputation & credibility matters a lot which must not be exploited by its site users. Some users must always try to harm your site’s reputation by sending spam & abusive messages to each other. So here is the solution which will provide moderation (Method which the site provider or webmaster chooses to sort members which are irrelevant, obscene, illegal, or insulting with regards to useful or informative members.) features to moderators of your site just like admin so that he can manage & monitor members for any kind of activities.

So we’re really excited to announce that we have recently released Members Moderation Toolbox Plugin with the help of which you can provide admin control to moderators (users without access to the admin panel so that they have access to users list (all the members who signed up on your website) & can delete, approve, disable / enable their accounts. Also they can check reported accounts against which they can take suitable actions or if found invalid, then they can dismiss the report also. For each action done by moderators, a Separate Logs page is provided. Also this plugin helps moderators to restrict offensive members either from a special search page or from Member Profile Page. Messages Activity Page will help moderators to monitor messaging activity done by each member on your website separately.

Key Features of Members Moderation Toolbox Plugin

  • Moderation via Users Page
  • Moderation via Member Profile Page
  • Moderation via Member Profile Page
  • Improved Member Search
  • Moderator Notes & Messages
  • Login as Member
  • Users Page
  • Reports Page
  • Logs Page
  • Messages Activity Page
  • Enable Emails on new Signup
  • Labels for Approve / Disapprove
  • Search Widgets
  • Configurable Widgets
  • 1 Click Install & Easy to Setup

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