New Plugin Released – Location Based Member & Content Display Plugin

New Plugin Released - Location Based Member & Content Display Plugin

If you have a huge community filled with various types of content, then there might be a question in your mind that how to display these content based on the users geolocation because the whole content might not be of their interest. They only want to have the content related to the entered location or nearby location. So in that case you need such a type of plugin which can solve the purpose.

So we’re very glad & excited to announce to you all that we have recently released “Location Based Member & Content Display Plugin” which enables users to search content in various plugins /modules based on the specific location. They can enter location from the global header for searching any specific location based content. Also this plugin is very easy to use, because it makes use of location data which is already defined in items (Ex: Pages, Groups, listings, Blogs etc…). Also this Plugin comes up with advanced technology to integrate with Google Maps and the ability to detect user’s current locations.

Let’s explore most of the useful features of this plugin which you can enable on your website:

  • Well integrated with Google Maps
  • Global Location Detect Widget
  • Default Search Miles
  • Detect user’s Current Location
  • Well supported in all SNS Themes
  • Integrated with SNS Plugins (only location based)
  • Easy to configure Admin Panel
  • Not affected on My Items Page (Ex: My Events, My Listings, My Groups etc.)
  • 1 Click Install & Easy to Setup
  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • 90 Days Free Support from SocialNetworking.Solutions

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