Major Upgrades & Feature Enhancements in Advanced Blog Plugin

Major Upgrades & Feature Enhancements in Advanced Blog Plugin

These days, Blogs has become a great source of sharing thoughts, ideas, Knowledge & experiences online. They also help us to get connected with each other socially as well. Our Advanced Blog Plugin is also in great demand due to its highly configurable features & attractive designs. That’s why Clients have also found this plugin as the most convenient source to make their websites more engaging & full of features. To make these features more advanced, we have come up with the few major upgrades & enhancements in this Plugin. Let’s have a look over them:

  • NEW Enhancements and new Attractive Welcome Page Introduced with an extremely New Look & Feel.
    Advanced Blog Plugin Welcome Page
  • From the Widgetized Pages section, you can now reset any of the widgetized pages to its default settings & configurations with just one click.
  • The setting “Set Welcome Page as Landing Page” is no longer “one time setting” as the site owner can reset it again whenever required from the widgetized pages section in the admin panel.
  • NEW Blog Creation Page Settings are introduced in the plugin’s admin panel to enable/disable each and every setting for the blog creation page as per requirement.
  • Various new settings are introduced in Member Level Settings as:
    • Enable Blog Profile Views” setting enables you to choose any design views based on the member levels separately.
    • Enable Mark blog as Featured, Sponsored, Verified Setting based on the different member levels as per your choice.
    • Also you can enable/disable various other new settings such as Transfer Ownership, Blog Roles, Contact Info, SEO Fields, Edit Style etc.
  • NEW Design views (List, Grid, Pinboard) for Tabbed widgets has completely improvised with fresh & elegant UI.
    Advanced Blog Plugin View 1
    Advanced Blog Plugin View 2
    Advanced Blog Plugin View 3
    Advanced Blog Plugin View 4
    Advanced Blog Plugin View 6
    Advanced Blog Plugin View 6

  • NEW New Design for Categories Icon View & Category Carousel widget has come up with the new sleek & much effective look.
    Advanced Blog Categories
  • NEW Designs for Carousels & Slideshow has changed with the highly attractive & fresh look.
  • NEW Designs for List & Grid view has been improvised for Popular / Featured / Sponsored / Verified Blogs widget.
  • NEW Import Blogs using CSV File section has been added in the admin panel which enables you to import Blogs on your website from CSV file. You can download the template file using the “Download Template File” button or can start importing Blogs, from the “Import Blogs” button.

NOTE for Clients who will be upgrading this plugin: If you are already having this Advanced Blog Plugin on your website, then follow this note. Since it is a major upgrade, it includes all the new designs & features which you can upgrade by following below mentioned easy steps:

  1. You can either Reset the pages from the Admin Panel >> Advanced Blog Plugin >> Under Widgetized pages section, select the desired page & click on RESET button corresponding to it.
  2. Or, from Layout Editor: Go to Appearance >> Layout Editor >> Select the respective page & for the desired widget, save the Design views (List, Grid, Pinboard & Map) by clicking on the edit button.
    a. Click on Save Changes button & you are ready to go with this plugin upgrades.

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