How Crowdfunding plugin proved as the best fundraising source for COVID 19 victims

How Crowdfunding plugin proved as the best fundraising source for COVID 19 victims

With so much uncertainty and concern surrounding the recent novel coronavirus, it’s easy to feel helpless – but there is something we can all do to help the victims & sufferers to fight against it. As the coronavirus pandemic is continuously impacting the financial & economical state, a lot of people are stepping forward to help the needy.

By fundraising for coronavirus relief efforts, or donating to a coronavirus relief fund, we all can do our part and provide much-needed support and aid. For this different Crowdfunding Campaigns are built to collect funds to serve food, medical care & shelters to homeless livings.

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to starting a crowdfunding website & don’t know where to get started for the same, then trust me Crowdfunding / Charity / Fundraising / Donations Plugin will surely help you to accomplish your purpose. It allows your site users to start multiple crowdfunding campaigns for raising funds for the covid-19 victims via various different ways. In this crucial phase of time, each of us can do our part against the ongoing health emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus. With this Plugin, you can also add rewards for donating a certain amount to the donors. Rewarding your donators will encourage them to contribute towards your cause. This will also work as a goodwill gesture towards the pledgers.

So with the below steps, you can understand the way through which you can help victims by raising funds with the help of this plugin:

  • Crowdfunding Plugin

    Start a fundraiser to support someone in need
  • Crowdfunding Plugin

    Share with your social Network
  • Crowdfunding Plugin

    Donate to Coronavirus victims

This easy to use & effective plugin helps you to support individuals as well as groups of people who are impacted by this virus all over the world. By contributing to charities that are addressing the coronavirus impact, you can also provide direct support to COVID-19 fundraising on a larger scale.


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