Crowdfunding / Charity / Fundraising / Donations Plugin



Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

What is the need of this Plugin?

  • It’s more efficient than traditional fundraising methods as users can easily raise funds online for the needy relatives & friends and get donations & funds.
  • It’s reliable & secure to distribute funds via this plugin as transaction process followed with the secure Payment Gateway.
  • It is a viable alternative to bank loans and credit cards and a fast way to raise finance with no upfront fees.
  • Pitching a project or business through crowdfunding can be a valuable form of marketing.
  • Donors will also get suitable Rewards from the Fundraisers if they donate enough minimum amount required to be donate in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a great and effective way to raise funds instead of spending time on the conventional fundraising methods. Simply a practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet. When done right, crowdfunding can bring a lot of benefits to your business idea. It acts as a double media exposure as well as allows you to gain social presence even before your business has launched. Crowdfunding can be done for numerous genres of crowdfunding such as rewards, donation, equity, and so much more!

“Crowdfunding Plugin” helps to raise money and create some of the more highly successful projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few million dollars. In fact, thanks to crowdfunding, which is a viable alternative to bank loans and credit cards.

Site users can launch Crowdfunding Campaigns with a specific funding goal, campaign duration, reward tiers and with commission rates which they will pay to the site owner etc. Expiration Date for the Crowdfundings can be set. Fundraiser is allowed to raise funds for various categories. Funds will get distributed via secure PayPal Payment Gateway both for the Fundraiser and Site Owner.

Unlimited Crowdfundings Creation

This Plugin provides you almost all the functionality which you will need to create crowdfundings on your website & get donations for the needy friends and relatives.

Easy creation of Crowdfundings, Crowdfundings display in 2 attractive view designs, Easy to manage Robust Dashboard, Location, Page Roles, Insights & Reports, Manage Notifications, Manage Apps, etc features will enable you to have robust and very powerful fundraising system on your website.For both the views(List,
Grid), various settings Tab Type etc are available in the Layout editor in admin panel.

  • Text for Crowdfundings
    Admin can choose Text and URL for the word “crowdfunding” and “crowdfundings”. You can use crowdfundings for any other purpose on your website easily.
  • Enable/Disable Sharing
    Admin can enable/disable sharing of crowdfundings on your website. With this feature users are allowed to share crowdfundings on your website.
  • Enable/Disable Publish Date
    Admin can enable/disable Custom Publish date for crowdfundings which fundraisers can enter at the time of crowdfunding creation.
  • Enable Location
    Location for crowdfundings can be enable/disable from the admin panel which users can add at the time of creating crowdfunding on your website.
  • Proximity Search Unit
    With the location enabled for the crowdfunding, Proximity search unit in Miles/Kilometres can be enabled also from Admin Panel.
  • Menu Items Count in Main Navigation
    Admin is allowed to set number for Menu Item Count which will get visible to the users in Main Navigation Menu of this plugin.
  • Fill Color & Outer Color for Donation Bar
    Admin is allowed to choose fill color & outer color for the Donation Bar by clicking on which users can donate money to the fundraiser.
  • Redirection After Crowdfunding Creation
    Crowdfunding page can be redirected either to the Crowdfunding’s Profile Page or Dashboard after the creation of the crowdfundings.
  • Auto-Open Advanced Share Popup
    Admin can enable.disable Auto-Open Advanced Share Popup whenever users want to share crowdfundings on your website. This setting will only work if you have placed Advanced Share widget on Crowdfunding View or Crowdfunding Dashboard, wherever user is redirected just after Crowdfunding creation.
  • Categories
    Admin can enable/disable categories for the crowdfundings as users can choose this categories at the time of crowdfunding creation on your website.
  • Short & Long Description
    With the short & Long description Fundraisers can express their idea and views through text behind raising funds via crowdfunding. This will help them to make crowdfunding more effective.
  • Main Photo
    Fundraisers are allowed to choose Image while creating Crowdfundings on your website. This image can be easily changed from the Dashboard of the crowdfunding.
  • Tags / Keywords
    Each Crowdfunding can have its own Tags / Keywords which will help in better searching of the Crowdfundings on your website. These tags can be shown in attractive Tag cloud or Tag list on your website.
  • Enable search
    You can enable fundraisers on your website to choose if people can search for their Crowdfundings on your website or not. This will help them choose the visibility of Crowdfunding in Global search on your website.
  • Title
    Users are allowed to give title to the crowdfundings while creating it on your website. With this title users can easily recognize the purpose of crowdfunding creation.
  • Custom Url
    Fundraisers can choose custom urls for their Crowdfundings and you can allow them to even Edit their custom urls from the dashboard of their Pages. This will help increase the SEO of your website as the custom url slugs are more SEO friendly.
  • Approve / Disapprove Crowdfundings
    From Member Level Settings of this plugin, you can choose to allow fundraisers to enable / disable auto-approval of crowdfundings on your website.
  • Expiration Date
    Fundraisers on your website are allowed to set expiration date for the crowdfundings at the time of creation. This expiration date will get visible to the site visitors at the view page of Crowdfunding.
  • Goal (USD)
    Simply the purpose of creating crowdfunding is to collect funds(money) for the needy people. So fundraiser can set specific Goal amount according to the requirement while creating crowdfunding on your website.
  • Privacy Settings
    Fundraisers can choose the view privacy & comment privacy for their Crowdfundings on your website. This will help them choose the audience for their Crowdfundings. You can select the privacy options based on the Member Level of the page owner for each type.

Crowdfunding Dashboard

Crowdfunding Plugin has a very robust and feature rich Dashboard. You can easily configure it from the Admin panel of your site. All the features can also be made available based on the Member Levels. Page Dashboard Comprise of Manage Crowdfunding, Promotions, Crowdfunding Apps, Styling, Payment & Settings, Insights & Reports. All these sections are explained below:

Manage Crowdfunding

Fundraisers can edit their Crowdfunding and configure various features for them from this section.

Settings which can be configured for this section are:

  • Edit Crowdfunding
  • Location
  • About You


Fundraisers can configure the promotional settings in this section. The settings contain everything related to advertising crowdfunding, managing crowdfunding and the rewards which donors will get when they submit enough amount to the fundraiser etc. Below is a list of settings in this section:

  • SEO
  • Overview
  • Advertise
  • Manage Announcements
  • Manage Rewards

Crowdfunding Apps

Fundraisers can easily manage what apps / tabs to show in their crowdfundings from this section.. Features will here display based on the Member Level settings and dependent modules.For now we have enabled Photos & Albums for the crowdfundings.


Fundraisers can also configure the design for their Crowdfundings easily by uploading main photo, background photo, CSS styling and choosing the display of their Crowdfundings as in below settings.

The settings related to styling are:.

  • Main Photo
  • Background Photo
  • Css Style

Payment & Settings

All the settings related to payment & rewards can be managed from this section under dashboard of the crowdfunding:

  • View Donors : All the details related to the Donors such as Donor Name with amount donated, Order Date & ID.
  • Account Details: Details of Payment Gateway can be entered by the fundraiser for the crowdfunding under this section. By setting up all the details fundraiser can accept donations from the donors.
  • Payment Requests
  • Payment Received


Fundraisers can configure the promotional settings in this section. The settings contain everything related to advertising crowdfunding, managing crowdfunding and the rewards which donors will get when they submit enough amount to the fundraiser etc. Below is a list of settings in this section:

  • SEO
  • Overview
  • Advertise
  • Manage Announcements
  • Manage Rewards

Crowdfunding View Page

This plugin has very attractive 2 View designs in the tabbed widget. 10+ widgets to be placed on the Page View pages and configure view page according to the requirement of the site owner.

  • Breadcrumb for crowdfunding
    With this feature users will easily recognize the path where crowdfunding has been created on your website. It’s always recommended to place breadcrumb widget at the view page of the crowdfunding.
  • Description
    This section will display the idea and purpose behind the creation of crowdfunding by the fundraiser. Fundraisers can enter description for the crowdfunding at the time of the time of crowdfunding creation on your website.
  • About Me(Fundraiser)
    About Me widget will display the details of the Fundraiser who have created crowdfunding on your website. The details can Crowdfunding Owner Name, Photo and its Email ID.
  • Donors
    This widget can be placed on any page of this plugin and will display all the donors with their names, amount donated and time of donation at crowdfunding’s widgetized page.
  • Profile Cover
    In this widget, Profile Cover Photo of the Crowdfunding with various details such as category, number of likes, views & location of the crowdfunding.
  • Updates
    From here users can post anything informative and valuable related to the crowdfunding and all the updates posted will also get displayed under this section.
  • Social Share Button
    Advance share is available to enable users to share Crowdfundings on various other social networking sites, in site message, quick share in feeds or via Tell a friend in email.
  • Like Button
    Crowdfunding Like button can be displayed in widget providing full control to the users to like on the crowdfunding which they like among various created crowdfundings.
  • Donate Button
    Users can donate fund amount of their choice by clicking on the donate button and that amount will get submitted to the crowdfunding owner.
  • Create Crowdfunding
    Easily create crowdfundings from the sidebar widget which you can place at any page of this plugin.
  • Raised Amount
    At crowdfunding view page, total raised amount by the fundraiser for the crowdfunding will get displayed with the percentage of amount donated by the donors till now. Also it shows the time to which the crowdfunding is valid.
  • Location
    The location for the crowdfunding will get displayed in the sidebar of the Crowdfunding View Page.
  • Comment on Crowdfunding
    Users can comment on the crowdfunding from its View Page or from other page of this plugin where comments widget can be placed.
  • Tell a Friend
    Users can also share crowdfunding by clicking on Tell friend button in which various fields should filled up with the message which user want to enter while sharing.
  • Message Owner
    For any query related to payment or other issues. Users can send message to the owner of the crowdfunding by entering the suitable subject and Message in the form.
  • Report
    Users can also report any crowdfunding on your website if they find anything abusive, inappropriate or abusive.

Manageable Campaigns

  • The crowdfunding Campaigns created by the users can be easily managed from the Manage Campaigns section of this Plugin.
  • Admin can View, Edit, Delete any specific Crowdfunding with its details also.
  • These Campaigns can be marked as featured, Sponsored, Verified, Of the Day according to the choice & requirement.
  • Admin is also enabled to search any Campaigns by entering the fields into the search filter under this section.

Crowdfundings Donations

  • Donation-based crowdfunding is a way to source money for a project by asking a large number of contributors to individually donate a small amount to it.
  • In return, the donors may receive rewards for donating enough minimum donation amount decided by the fundraiser. Also Goal Amount can be set by the crowdfunding owner at the time if its creation.

Manage Donation Orders

From here Admin can manage all the donation orders with the respective details of the Donors such as Order ID, Crowdfunding Title, Crowdfunding Owner Name, Donor Name & Email, Donation amount, Commission to Site Owner etc.

Goal amount for Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding owner can set specific Goal amount for the crowdfunding as per the requirement while its creation. This Goal amount will get visible to the Donors and other Crowdfunding viewers at various widgetized pages of this plugin.

Categories & Profile Fields

Categories / 2nd-level categories / 3rd-level categories

Crowdfundings supports upto 3 levels of categories.
Each category can be mapped with a custom profile, so that the fields will display on selecting the category while crowdfunding creation or editing.

Custom Fields: Create, add or remove custom fields.

Category – Custom Fields Mapping will allow you to display custom form fields on the basis of various categories. Unlimited numbers of fields are permitted.

  • Adding New Category
    Each category will have its own Name, Slug, Title, Color, Member Level, Description & 3 type of icons. For each category its Mapping Profile Type can be chosen.
  • Widgetized Browse Categories page
    Widgetized Browse Categories page to display all the categories and contest based on the categories on your website.
  • Widgetized View Page
    Each category will have its own widgetized view page which opens with its own URL Slug which is more User and SEO friendly. Contest are shown based on the category chosen.
  • Member Level based Category Display in Crowdfunding Creation
    For each category admin can choose the Member Level so that the crowdfunding owners of chosen member levels will only be able to create crowdfundings in that category.
  • Carousel
    You can choose to display categories in attractive carousel on your website.You can also enable auto play of categories, choose the delay time of next category, height, width of category. You can also enable / disable full width of carousel on your web.
  • Contest Categories in Icons or images
    Categories can be displayed in Circular or Square view on your website with their icons or images. These icons and images are uploaded from the admin panel for each category.
  • Categories Cloud / Hierarchy View
    Categories can be displayed with their 2nd and 3rd level categories in cloud view and hierarchy view. In hierarchy view categories can be shown either in horizontal view or vertical view and in both the views subcategories can be shown in expanded or collapsed form according to the settings chosen by you from admin panel.
  • Popular Crowdfundings Based on Categories
    Crowdfundings can be displayed based on their categories in Slideshow or Carousel as chosen by you from the admin panel. You can also choose the number of categories and crowdfundings to be shown in each category. Various other settings are available to configure display of crowdfundings.

Labels for Crowdfundings

Crowdfunding Labels can be displayed in cover photo or separately in various widgets providing you full control over what you display and how you display various labels in Crowdfundings on your website. The labels can be Featured, Sponsored, Verified or Of the Day.

  • Featured Pages
    Pages can be marked as Featured on your website and can be highlighted in various widgets with Featured highlighting label and can also be shown as Popularity criteria.
  • Sponsored Pages
    Pages can be marked as Sponsored on your website and can be highlighted in various widgets with Sponsored highlighting label and can also be shown as Popularity criteria.
  • Verified Pages
    Pages can be marked as Verified on your website and can be highlighted in various widgets with Verified highlighting label and can also be shown as Popularity criteria. Verified Pages have more user trust and belief for the genuinity on a website.
  • Page Of the Day
    Pages can be marked as Page Of The Day on your website and can be highlighted in Page Of The Day widgets making it different from all the other Pages on your website. You can choose the start and end date for each page to be shown as Page Of The Day on your website, so that you do not have to manually remove them as of the day.

Custom Crowdfunding Duration

  • Fundraisers are allowed to set custom duration for the Crowdfunding while creation on your website.
  • This duration can be Unlimited or Crowdfunding owner need to enter the expiration date for the limited duration of the crowdfunding.
  • This customized duration will get displayed to the other site users and visitors who are interested to donate for the crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Background & Main Photo

  • Background & Main photo for Crowdfunding can be enabled / disabled based on the Member Levels on your website & if Main photo uploading is enabled, then you can also choose to make the main photo mandatory for the crowdfundings on your website.
  • If main photo is mandatory and user try to save the Crowdfunding without uploading it, then they will be scrolled to the main photo field with an error displayed to fill mandatory field without leaving the page.

Sharing on Social Sites

  • Users can be allowed to share Crowdfundings within your website and on other social networking sites. They can also share the Crowdfundings directly to their feeds or send the Crowdfundings in message to their friends on your website.
  • Users can share crowdfundings on Social Sites such as :
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
  • Site share option in Lightbox enables users to easily and quickly share crowdfundings on your site and thus also brings more user engagement on your site.

Like, Comment, Report on Crowdfunding

In Crowdfunding Plugin, Site Visitors and donors can:

  • Like any Crowdfunding according to their choice.
  • Comment on Crowdfunding if they want to convey some useful info.
  • Also users can report any crowdfunding if they find them offensive, irrelevant or abusive on your website.

2 Attractive Design Views in Widget

This plugin is very robust and feature rich which provides very attractive, nice and elegant 2 design views to be chosen from

Various other settings constituted with these views can be easily configured from the Layout Editor under tabbed widget for this plugin.



  • Crowdfundings can have Google suggested Locations based on the settings configured from admin panel.
  • City, State, Zip Code and Country fields are auto detected based on location chosen which Crowdfunding owners can edit.
  • Venue and detailed address can also be entered for the location. Location can be edit from the Dashboard of the Crowdfunding by its owner.


  • You need to inspire people to run a campaign or invest on them to maximize the number of the campaign and investments. Announcing rewards on successful campaigns thrives fundraising goals and stimulates the people to engage more. Crowdfunding Plugin offers reward options in fundraising projects.
  • Fundraiser can Post certain rewards for the donors from the Dashboard of the crowdfunding. These rewards can be any depending upon the minimum donor amount which is configured by the fundraiser from crowdfunding’s dashboard.
  • If any Donor donate that minimum amount, then he/she will get the respective rewards for that donation.

Secure & Manageable Payment Gateway

In Crowdfunding Plugin, all the funds & donations are safely distributed between fundraisers and donors via secure Payment Gateway “PayPal” for which various settings need to be configured from the Admin Panel & Dashboard for Site Owner & Fundraiser respectively.

For Site Owner

  • Payment gateway needs to be configured for the Site Owner from “Manage Gateway” section in Admin Panel of this plugin as for commission, donation will go to the site owner first instead of going to fundraiser directly.
  • Firstly the whole amount will be transferred to the Site Owner directly and after deducting the specific %age (which admin has set depending member levels) from the amount, it will get distributed to the fundraiser via this gateway. So overall this Payment Gateway is powerful & secure for transactions.

For Fundraiser

  • Also fundraiser needs to set up the Payment gateway for the Crowdfunding transactions from the dashboard of crowdfunding.
  • Various details need to be configured under Payment Settings>> Account Details in Dashboard through which transaction will takes place between fundraiser and donors.

Statistics for Crowdfundings

This section will display the statistics report for various aspects of this plugin such as : Total Crowdfundings, Total Featured Crowdfundings, Total Crowdfunding Albums, Total Crowdfunding Photos, Total Reviews, Total Comments, Total Views, Total Likes etc.


Donors and site users can rate any crowdfunding as per their choice. They can rate crowdfunding from the Cover Photo widget which is recommended to place at the view page of the crowdfunding. These ratings will get visible at various widgetized pages of this plugin.


From this Section, Admin can write various FAQs with their answers for the Crowdfunding Owers and Donors which can be beneficial for them if they find any query while using this plugin. These FAQs are also mageable from the Admin Panel of this plugin.

Notifications & Emails

Seamless Integration with SocialEngine’s Notification and Emails system and for all important actions members
on your website will get Notifications & Emails.

Payment & Settings

  • Payments made by the donors will firstly get transferred to the site owner and when the commission gets deducted as per the % age decided from the donation, the left amount will be requested by the fundraiser/fundraisers from the site owner.
  • The Payments Made by the Donors and Payments requested by the fundraisers are easily manageable from the Admin Panel of this plugin.
  • Payment Requests
    Fundraisers can request payments from the Site Owner after the commission percentage gets deducted from the original donation. Admin can approve / reject a payment request and see payment details from this section.
  • Payment Made
    This section will contain all the payments done by the donors for crowdfundings on your website. All the Payments made can be easily managed from this section in Admin Panel.
  • Payment Received
    Under the dashboard of the Crowdfunding, ‘Payment Received’ section is there where all the payments received by the fundraiser from the Donors will get listed.

Configurable Widgets

For Crowdfunding Plugin, we have 40+ Widgets with the help of which you can allow site users to raise funds and get donations on your website. All these widgets are configurable.

13 Widgetized Pages

Crowdfunding Plugin comes up with the 13 highly configurable 5 Widgetized Pages with the help of which site Admin can set up pages with different widgets of their choice. These Pages are:

  • Crowdfundings Welcome Page
  • Crowdfundings Home Page
  • Browse Crowdfundings Page
  • Browse Categories Page
  • Browse Tags Page
  • Crowdfunding Category View Page
  • Manage Crowdfundings Page

  • Crowdfunding View Page
  • Crowdfunding Create Page
  • Crowdfunding Donate Page
  • My All Donations Page
  • Crowdfunding Donors Page
  • Crowdfunding Owner FAQs Page

Rich Member Level Settings

With this plugin you can have control over various functionalities based on the Member Level of the Crowdfunding Owners and other users on your website. Please find below the list of features that you can control based on the member levels:

  • Viewing of Crowdfundings
  • Creation of Crowdfundings
  • Editing of Crowdfundings
  • Deletion of Crowdfundings
  • Commenting on Crowdfundings
  • Crowdfunding Entry Privacy
  • Crowdfunding Comment Options
  • Allow to Upload Crowdfunding Main Photo
  • Enable SEO Fields, Overview, Background Photo, Contact Info, Edit Style.

  • Allow Rating on Crowdfundings.
  • Enable Auto Approve for Crowdfunding.
  • Allow Photos Upload in Crowdfunding.
  • Allow to Manage Announcements.
  • Allow to Manage Rewards.
  • Allow to View Insights & Reports.
  • Maximum Allowed Crowdfunding by particular Member Level.
  • Unit for Commission & Value for Commission.
  • Threshold Amount for Releasing Payment.

Robust Admin Panel

This plugin has a very powerful admin panel which provides various settings to enable / disable for almost all the options. We have provided a rich set of settings. Writing about admin panel would be too short for this plugin, so we have created Screenshots of all the sections in Admin Panel.

  • Global Settings
  • Crowdfunding Creation Settings
  • Member Level Settings
  • Categories & Profile Fields
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Manage Photos
  • Manage Donation Orders
  • Manage Rewards

  • Payment Requests
  • Manage Payment Made
  • Manage Dashboards
  • Crowdfunding Owner FAQs
  • Donor FAQs
  • Manage Gateways
  • Manage Currency
  • Statistics
  • Manage Widgetized Page

Seamless Integration with other Plugins

This plugin is closely and seamlessly integrated with other plugins to provide your users to create as many crowdfundings on your site and manage currency and transactions easily. With this integration, duplicate data will not be created on your website and users can easily create crowdfundings on your website without uploading same content again and again.

  • Mange Photo: Used to manage all the Photos uploaded in Crowdfundings by the fundraisers.
  • Multiple Currencies – Exchange & Switcher Plugin – Helps to manage the currencies for the transactions takes place for crowdfundings.

100% Fully Responsive Design

This plugin is 100% responsive. Automatically adapts to any devices (Mobile phone, tablet and desktop). You can take full control of the color scheme and designing of slides with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this plugin from setting to styling.

1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorial and FAQs for this plugin will make it more easy for you to setup and allow your users to like any content of their choice on your website.

90 Days Free Support

Get free upgrades lifetime for this plugin and free support for first 90 days of your purchase.

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