Enhancement in Professional GDPR Plugin

As we all know that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been came into effect from May 25th, 2018. So, it’s very important to have all your policies, terms, and compliances updated on your website. To enable you to have the GDPR policy compliances for Cookie consent, allow users to request to contact your DPO, make Subject Access request, etc, we have developed the Professional GDPR plugin.

We’re really glad that to have so much appreciation for this plugin from our clients and feature requests. We have provided few enhancements to the increase the Cookies experience of your users on your website. Please find out what’s new in this upgrade below:

  1. Necessary Allowed Cookies setting which list of Cookies being used as necessary cookies on your website: With this enhancement, we have created a new setting in the Global Settings of this plugin: “Necessary Allowed Cookies”. This setting has the necessary cookies which are Always Active when anyone use your website.
    If you wish to allow more cookies, than you can simply add them in this setting. You can also remove the default allowed cookies with this plugin, if you do not want to activate them.
  2. Make Privacy Policy Consent Mandatory: If you need to make it mandatory for users to Agree to the Privacy policies before using your website, then you can enable this setting which is available in the Global Settings of this plugin. When this setting is enabled, then until the users Agree the privacy policy, they will not be able to view and use the website as the popup will not close.
GDPR Plugin

Professional GDPR Plugin

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