Upgrade Your SocialEngine Website to SocialEngine PHP 4.10.3p4 for Critical Security Fix


Are you running a version lower than “4.10.3p4” on your SocialEngine website? If Yes, then your website’s database is at risk and you should consider upgrading your site to the latest security fix “4.10.3p4” Right Now.

Do you need our experts help in implementing the latest critical security patch “4.10.3p4” on your SocialEngine website?

Hire our Expert Professionals and let us upgrade your website to latest Socialengine security patch.


What is the Critical Security Patch?

SocialEngine has released a Critical Security Patch in “4.10.3p4” to address a vulnerability to restrict the access to database details of your website.

Why upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 4.10.3p4 is necessary?

The vulnerability allows someone with advanced knowledge to view the database details. This vulnerability appears in current releases of SocialEngine and all older versions. so, all SocialEngine PHP websites should immediately apply the patch without exception on urgent basis.

What Will We Do is as Suggested by SocialEngine?

  1. Upgrade SocialEngine PHP in 4.10.3p4 on your website by implementing Security Patch.
  2. Will modify the Database user name and password of your website, & do all the necessary changes in your database.
  3. Will clear the cache from your site’s temporary/scaffold folder by deleting all files in that folder as suggested by SocialEngine in official blog post.

Note 1: If you have any customizations done on your SocialEngine website, then we will implement security patch without getting the changes overwritten. Your customizations will not get lost and will remain intact after implementing this patch.

Note 2: If you want to do a full upgrade and are on version 4.9.4p1 or below, we will need to follow the special steps in the upgrading documents before upgrading and apply the patch mentioned there. So, please contact our team before purchasing this service.

Note 3: This service is valid to implement the Security Patch only.

Before we begin with the upgrade, please make sure that you have taken a full backup of your website’s database and files.

Required Information:

We will be needing below mentioned information from you, so please have them ready after purchasing this service and submit them via SocialNetworking.Solutions Support Ticket system:

1) SocialEngine Website Details:

  – Website URL
  – Email
  – Password

2) Server Root Login (SSH) Details:

  – Host
  – Username
  – Password
  – Port

Note: If you do not have these details, then contact your hosting provider.

3) Cpanel or phpMyAdmin Details:

  – URL
  – Username
  – Password

Note: If you do not have these details, then contact your hosting provider.

** This service would be completed within 12-24 hours of purchase.