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An app comes into existence when its build is formed and we get “.ipa” and “.apk” files for iOS and Android respectively. These “.ipa” and “.apk” files are submitted to the Apple Store and Android Store. In this service we will provide you the latest and upgraded “.ipa” or “.apk” file as per your requirement.



Choose the apps for which you want the upgrade service:

  • iOS App Upgrade

  • Android App Upgrade

  • iOS & Android App Upgrade


  1. The build formation will be done based on the basic graphic assets based on your current logo, banners, slideshows or design elements. If you have any specific requirements, then you can purchase our “Graphic Assets for Mobile Apps Designing Service“.
  2. You will have to submit the Forms to tell us your requirements for the iOS and Android apps.
  3. The build will be created within 2 business days of purchasing the service and submission of the requirement forms.


  1. This service includes building of your apps.
  2. This service includes submission of iOS / Android apps to Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store as per the package purchased.
  3. For any customization in the app during new build, you can contact us. The charge of customization will depend on the work you want to implement.
  4. If you have already purchased our app and want to make new build of it with its latest version then send us all the required information.

** If you do not want to pay for the build formation service each time, then you can subscribe to our monthly Support Subscriptions plans.

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