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Are you looking for a professional expert to test your website for bugs, errors, setup, implementation, installation and working of plugins from various 3rd party developers? Do you want to get your website up and running smoothly and without issues? Do you want to focus on building up your business rather than finding the bugs and expanding your valuable time in reporting issues and filing tickets? If “Yes”, then you can purchase this service and hire our Testing & Quality Assurance Executive at best competitive prices.

Since we all know the importance of Software Testing & Quality Assurance of the project, it is important to have this process on monthly basis on your website rather then having it done 1 or 2 times on the same.

At SocialNetworking.Solutions, we have experienced Testers and Quality Assurance employees who will not only understand the testing requirements of your website, but also will make sure a complete working, integration and bug fixing on it. Our QA professional will assist you in developing a best strategy to setup and develop your website to meet your business need and match website concept.

Why Hire from SocialNetworking.Solutions for outsourcing Software Testing?

Working hours of your virtual employee will be 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT+1 Timezone.
Note : If you want Custom Timings, then Please Contact Us.

We offer different types of testing

SocialNetworking.Solutions expert team will perform manual functional testing of your website on desktop, various browsers / devices as well as Mobile Applications on real devices.

We offer different types of testing which includes testing of separate functional blocks of your website or module to complex testing of your whole website.

Low Cost

Save almost 70% compared to traditional in-house staffing.


Flexibility to scale up OR down based on your business needs without any overheads.


Hire full time, part time OR hourly as per your business needs.

No Hidden Cost

Then service is simple a hourly resource fee without any overheads.

On Demand

Hire resources as and when required as per your business needs.

No Training Cost

Our testers have experienced and have in depth knowledge in SE, so no training is needed.

No Leave Worries

No need to worry about days off OR sick leaves.

No Vacation Expenses

No need to pay for vacations to employees.

No Hiring Overheads

No need to worry about recruitment or attrition.

Worry Free from Purchases

No need to buy any hardware or software.

No Office Required

No need to create or maintain offices / infrastructure.

No Fixed Salaries

No need to worry about fixed monthly salaries.

Our Testing Procedure

  • Requirements Gathering
    At the first stage, we gather your requirements, instructions, specifications or any other documentation that has all the functional & non-functional requirements of the projects, nor part of SE are described.
    If you don’t have these, No Worries! we will work directly on the site and create our own documentation & resources as needed.

  • Requirement Analysis
    Once our team has all the information, our team will analyze the same and plans the testing. We also analyze the requirements gathered by ourselves and will share with you during our testing on your site.

  • Test Planning
    Based on your requirement and discussion, our team will develop a full test strategy, create test plans and test cases.

  • Testing Environment Setup
    In this stage, we will do all the needful installation for the testing of your website. We will also setup a staging website for better testing.

  • Test execution
    Our team will start executing test cases in the testing environment and tracking all possible bugs. We use different bug-tracking systems (e.g.: Jira, Bugzilla, Trello, Mantis), so that you can follow the testing process and fix issues straight away. You can also hire our dedicated SE PHP developers to fix the issues including SE core issues, 3rd party issues, UI issues, etc.

  • Reporting
    After the testing is done, we provide you a bug report in the most suitable format or as per your requirements.

What we do in Testing

Functional Testing

Our team tests & makes sure all the functionality on your website is working fine and reports all issues. This includes testing of:

  • SocialEngine Core Platform
  • SocialNetworking.Solutions’ Plugins
  • 3rd party Plugins
  • Theme module running on website
  • Mobile Apps (if you have)

UI/UX Testing

Our testers will test all the UI/UX and design aspects of your website and make sure it matches your site’s concept. This includes testing of:

  • Responsiveness
  • Visual Design
  • Best Color Schemes
  • User Friendly UI
  • Check Banner, and all image uploaded by you.

Performance Testing

Our testers will test your website that how is it reacting to load with increasing number of visitors. This includes testing of:

  • Page Speed Testing
  • Page Load & Stress Testing
  • Recommendations for site speed problem
  • Speed in Mobile & Web Browser testing.

Integration Testing

In this, our team will test all the modules installed on your website and their compatibility & integration with each other and SE Core.

Mobile Application Testing

Our team will test your mobile application thoroughly for functionality, usability, UI, etc. We will also provide you suggestions to increase user engagement and make your apps more user friendly.

Security Testing

This includes testing of vulnerability of your website. From making payment, upgrading membership, subscribing membership to various another features, we will do the testing.

Cross-Browser Testing

We will make sure your website will run in all major browsers and report the issues for each of them.

Cross Device Testing

The world is going mobile and so your website should work on multiple devices, phones, etc. We will test your site in real devices.

User Acceptance Testing

Whatever features your website has, we will test them for user acceptance and suggest you all the possibilities to make them more user friendly.

Regression Testing

Whenever a bug is fixed or a new product is installed, there are chances that new bugs arise. Our team will perform regression testing and find all those bugs in your website.

Unit Testing

From complete website to each unit/module and feature, our team will perform thorough unit testing on your website and find maximum possible bugs.

Usability Testing

Our team will perform usability testing from an end-user’s perspective to determine if your website is easily usable.

How to get Pricing?

To know the cost of the service you want to avail please email us at or contact us with the following details and we will get back to you shortly with the price details :

Number of Months: Please mention the number of months (minimum 3) for which you want to hire the employee. For example: 1, 2, 3, 6 or a year.

How to Hire us?

We offer extremely flexible hiring plans that allow you to hire employees on hourly, full-time or part-time basis depending on your requisites.

Full-Time Engagement

At SocialNetworking.Solutions, we prefer a system of cooperation, including long-term engagement. The scheme provides exclusive work on your project for 165 man-hours every month.

Additional Details
  • 165 man-hours of services per month.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • Work timings 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM GMT+5.30 Timezone.
  • Advance billing.
  • Free associate project manager.
  • No setup fees required.

Contact Us

Part-Time Engagement

This model of collaboration concerns the clients whose projects require 90 man-hours of work on a monthly basis. Our SocialEngine Experts will work for you for 90 man-hours during part time as per mutual agreement.

Additional Details
  • 90 man-hours of services per month.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • Work timings 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM GMT+5.30 Timezone.
  • Advance billing.
  • Free associate project manager.
  • No setup fees required.

Contact Us

Hourly Engagement

This scheme is based on the limited engagement of our SocialEngine experts for required man-hours every month. This model is ideal for minor work or if you need a backend team, but for limited hours and budget cost.

Additional Details
  • Required man-hours of services per month.
  • Minimum one month contract.
  • Work timings 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM GMT+5.30 Timezone.
  • Advance billing.
  • Free associate project manager.
  • No setup fees required.

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