Strategize AWS Instance Use: Optimised Billing Service


If you have hosted your SocialEngine Community on AWS cloud, then Monitoring AWS cost can be a never ending process for you. As a Social Community owner, there might always be a question struck in your mind that how this billing can be optimized & managed at an optimal prices for the AWS website that are running on AWS EC2 instance.

Various Questions that might come in Community Owner’s mind if his website is hosted on AWS:

  • How can I spend for my website at reasonable rates?
  • How can I optimize the Cost? From where should I start?
  • How can I forecast future spending?

So solutions to all the above problems will fortunately given by our Engineers which will help you to optimize the Billing for AWS hosted website. This service is the best solution for you to get you going with optimised spending on your AWS bills. So, opt for this service to save costs on your monthly AWS billing by using various methods on your existing AWS services.

So Get a well defined AWS billing estimation to reduce the monthly billing by following below methods:

  • Using of AWS reserved instance efficiently & completely.
  • Choose the right machine to avoid excess instance resource.
  • Using the AWS Cloud Watch for better monitoring of every log and activity at your website.

Requirements for Service:

We will be needing below mentioned information from you, so please have them ready after purchasing this service:

  • SocialEngine
    • SocialEngine License Key
    • Website URL & Website Title
    • Desired Email
    • Desired Password
  • Domain registration account information (for domain mapping).
  • AWS Account Login (Just do a basic signup from here: and provide us your account details. Our experts will do other AWS configurations for you.):
    • Email
    • Password

** This service would normally be completed within 12-24 business hours of purchase.

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