Members Verification by Other Members Plugin


The Members Verification by Other Members plugin allows your members to verify other members or businesses. Verified accounts will show a badge just like they do on Twitter and some other social media sites. Verifying members can also help reduce spam.


Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.5.1

Software Version: 6.5.1

Last Update: March 22, 2024

Ever wonder why there are blue badges next to the names of famous individuals and brands on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? These badges are a way to let you know that the particular brand or individual you are looking at is verified and genuine. This increases trust and shows that the content posted and shared by that brand or individual is genuine.

Verification is one of the ways to prevent misleading content from becoming viral, and will instill trust from users of a website. Influencers, brands and celebrities want to be verified on social websites in order to build trust and gain followers. Verification is very important for a website in order to build a strong community.

The Members Verification by Other Members Plugin enables your site members to get verified by other members of your site. A badge is added to their profiles, which eliminates fake users and increases the credibility of your members and content. It elevates your brand above the rest. Members can also comment while providing the verifications to other members, which helps to promote stronger community bonds.

Key Features

  • Verified badge and verify member button widget on the member profile page. This widget can also display the number of members who have verified this member, as well as comments made for the verification.
  • 100% fully responsive design which automatically adapts to any devices (Mobile phone, tablet and desktop).
  • A threshold limit for verification can be set which shows the member as “Verified” once they reach the required number of verifications.
  • In the admin panel, a “Manage Verification Requests” page for this plugin lists all the verification requests made by members of your website.
  • Members can also add comments while verifying other members. There are many benefits of adding comments, such as:
    • They can be used as recommendations.
    • Members can give their views about other members while verifying them.
    • Members can view verification comments for other members by clicking on the “View Details” link on their profiles’ verification section.
  • Mails & Notifications – Seamless Integration with SocialEngine’s Notification and Emails system. Mails and Notifications will be sent to the users for the following updates:
    • Members receive emails and notifications when they’re verified by other members.
    • Members receive emails and notifications when their verification for another member is approved / rejected by admin (for admin-approved verifications).
    • Site Admin receives emails and notifications when a member verifies another member (for admin-approved verifications).
  • Members can submit a request to have their account verified.
  • Members can cancel a verification request.
  • Admin can:
    • Allow or disallow member verification on your website based on member levels.
    • Manually verify any user from within the admin panel without a member’s request for verification.
    • Choose members to be able to verify other members on your website.
    • Choose whether a member of a particular member level can be verified on your website by other members.
    • Take full control of the color scheme and designing of slides with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel settings.
    • Choose whether the member verification on your website will be automatic, or after admin approval. If you have enabled admin approval, you will receive a request for verification when members try to verify other members.
    • Enable or disable auto-approve verifications per member level.
    • Enable or disable editing of comments in verifications per member level.
    • Enable or disable cancellation of verifications per member level. This controls whether members can cancel verifications they’ve done.
    • Set a minimum verification limit which members of this level need to be displayed as verified members.
  • One click install!
  • Easy to configure and set up – Helpful video tutorials, installation tutorial and FAQs for this plugin will make it easier for you to set up.

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