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SNS Plugins & Themes Compatibility with SE PHP 6.5.1 & Ensuring Continuity and Commitment: Our Promise to SocialEngine Users

Groups Joining Fees & Payments System Plugin



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Online Groups have significantly proved to be the most suitable way of sharing & getting information by connecting people together for a specific motive. They help to connect people of the same interest, knowledge & thoughts. We all know that the trend of joining online groups is increasing among people day by day & because of this most of the community based sites have introduced groups for their site members with different features like joining, posting content & add other members as well.

As the group owner is providing the best platform to you all by providing various exciting features & functionalities for groups, the site owner also wishes to earn something by allowing you to create groups on his website. So for this purpose, Groups Joining Fees and Payment System Extension is introduced which will help your users by providing a source to make money from their groups on your website. They can set a fee to enable joining groups and make money. In return you can charge commissions from the group owners, which again can be a new source of income for you from groups. Groups joining can be set as chargeable by group owners as per the requirements only if the groups are approved.

This type of monetization will encourage group owners to create better groups with the higher number of joining, which will attract more & more people to join groups on your site. More joining will ultimately give more reach to your website.

Now Earn money from each entry submitted on your website in various contests with Contest Joining Fees & Payments System.

Group Joining Fees & Payments System

Enable Group Joining Fees & Admin Access

You can allow group owners to take payment from the members who Join their groups by using the “Group Joining Fees & Payments System” on your website with this Extension.

You can also configure the Title and Description of Join Popup from the admin panel as per your site’s concept.

The fees paid by users will first come to the admin account and then you will have to release the payment to group owners.

This way your users will have more trust on your website as they are directly paying to other group owners.

Groups Joining Fees & Payments System Plugin

Member Level Settings

This extension enables you to configure Admin Commissions, Unit of commission and Threshold amount based on the Member Levels of the groups owners on your website.

Admin Commissions

Admins can choose to set commissions on this Joining Fees based on the Member Level of groups owners. Commissions can be charged as Fixed Amount or in Percentage. This way you can charge less commissions from paid member levels.

Threshold Amount

Admins can set Threshold Amount for releasing payment to group owners based on group owners’ Member Level.

Manage Orders

You can keep track of the orders made on your website for joining in the Paid groups.

You can search the orders based on Group member names , entry titles, gateway type and the date of order made on your website.

Supports PayPal Payment Gateway

This extension supports the default payment gateway of SocialEngine – PayPal, so you can receive payments on your website from this payment gateway.

To release payments to group owners, it is well supported.

Manage Payment – Payment Requests & Payments Made

Admins can easily manage payment requests made by group owners, approve / disapprove requests and see payment details.

You can also view the payments made by you to group owners from the admin panel.

Group Joining Fees & Dashboard Options

With this extension, Group Owners can enable joining fees to join and participate in their groups from their Group Dashboards.

Paid Joining

Group Owners can set the joining fees to join their Groups as per their requirements

Free Joining

Group Owners can also keep the joining Free even after this extension is installed on your website.

Groups Joining Fees & Payments System Plugin

Manage Orders

Group Owners can manage the orders for their groups. They can monitor their orders and search orders based on various filter fields available in this extension.

Payment Transactions

Group owners can view details of payments received from your website to their accounts.

Payment Requests & Account Details

Group Owners can see the Total joining in their group,Total Amount Received, Total Commission of site admin, and the Total Remaining Amount that they can request from the site admin to release.

Admin configured Threshold amount is the minimum amount required to proceed with the request.

Sales Report

Group Owners can download their daily or monthly sales report of their group in CSV or Excel format.

Sales Statistics

Group Owners can see the sales statistics from the dashboard of their groups for today, this week and this month.

Group Joining

Users will see the price nicely on the Join button, so that they can easily differentiate between Free groups and Paid groups on your website.

Join Group

After clicking on the “Join Now” button for a paid group, group owners will see a confirmation popup (configured from admin panel), to proceed with making payment or go back to the group.

Groups Joining Fees & Payments System Plugin

Pay for the Joining

Once users confirm they wish to make the payment to participate in a group, they will see the payment option as PayPal as configured from the admin panel.

My Orders

Users can easily view their Orders from Manage Groups and keep a track of payments made on your website to Join groups.

Print Invoice

Users can take a print of Invoice of their orders made to join groups on your website.

This will help them keep a track of their payments.

1 Click Install & Easy to Setup

This extension can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorials and FAQs for this extension will make it easier for you to set up & allow your users to pay fees whenever they join groups on your website.

Groups Joining Fees & Payments System Plugin

Lifetime Upgrades & 90 Days Free Support

Get free upgrades lifetime for this extension and free support for first 90 days of your purchase.

Groups Joining Fees & Payments System Plugin

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