Advanced Error Pages Plugin – Private Page, Page Not Found, Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon


The Advanced Error Pages plugin gives you control over your website warning and notice pages. Create attractive Page Not Found, Private Page, and Coming Soon pages to show a more professional website to guests and members.


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Compatible With: SocialEngine 6.4.0

Software Version: 6.4.4p4

Last Update: Sep 20, 2023

Create a more professional website by customizing your Page Not Found, Private Page, and Coming Soon pages with the Advanced Error Pages plugin. Add an attractive background to the sign in required page.

With this plugin, you can:

  • Collect visitors’ messages and email ids on the Coming Soon page of your website.
  • Provide a search option on the 404 Page Not Found page or choose to redirect to the home page.
  • Create a custom message for a Private Page.
  • Add a background image to the Sign In Required page.
  • Choose from 8 Design Templates for each error page.

The 404 Page Not Found errors are not simple errors which show when a bad URL is entered. These errors can also harm the page rank of your website. This plugin will help you redirect to the home page using a 301 redirect on 404 error pages, which will help you with SEO and page ranks.

Key Features

  • Attractive and customizable design templates.
  • 100% Responsive and RTL supported.
  • Error Page Design Templates for:
    • Private Page
    • 404 Page Not Found
    • Coming Soon pages
    • Sign-in Required page
  • Admin can:
    • Enable / disable design template for each Error page.
    • Enable / disable the Coming Soon functionality.
    • Configure the End Date for the Coming Soon Page. After this date, the website will be automatically visible to all users. This end date is attractively displayed as a countdown on the Coming Soon page.
    • Reach out to visitors who have filled in the contact info via the contact us option on the Coming Soon page.
    • Configure Heading, Text 1, and Text 2 of each design template.
    • Choose to enable / disable social site links in the Coming Soon pages.
    • Configure the social site links.
    • Enable / disable 404 page redirect to homepage using SEO 301 redirection.
    • Enable / disable Search in Private page and Page Not Found page.
  • 8 Design Templates for each error page.
  • Customizable background image for Sign-in Required Page.
  • Customizable image for each error design template.
  • Supports Multi-Language.
  • GIF Images are supported in each template.

Benefits of Coming Soon Page

  • Get a boost to your SEO. While you’re building your website, search engines will be crawling your Coming Soon Page and indexing it. This helps you to get a jump start to get into search engines while building your site.
  • An attractive and interesting “coming soon” page, will entice your visitors and get them excited for your launch.
  • A coming soon page can help you grow your email list even before your site is live! You can also grow your social media presence with links to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

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