New Release Announcement – Professional Search Plugin

We’re really excited and glad to announce the release of our new Professional Search Plugin that enable your site members to search and browse any specific Content & its Title, Keywords (Tags), Content Description, Modules and all results(Global Search) based on the searching criteria which have been followed. With this plugin site owner can increase the user retainment by making search convenient across the website’s data. This plugin replaces the standard SocialEngine search with a better, intelligent and more relevant search engine.

Professional Search Plugin enables your users to make good use of your website’s content by easy searching and browsing in a neat interface.It also provide your audience a means of finding the specific types of content you offer that are relevant to them.

“A Powerful Tool for Searching anything & almost everything on a website.”

Key Features

  • Advanced Single Searching Interface :This plugin enable your users to search with a better, intelligent and more relevant Searching Interface. It provides a single, easy-to-use interface for searching across various content types on your website.
  • AJAX BAsed Search Box: This plugin comes up with the advanced AJAX based search box which uses the advanced searching technique and makes the search results more accurate and fast and reliable. Interactivity and user experience will also become good while searching.
  • Integrated with 3rd Party Plugins: Admin can enable various 3rd party plugins(modules)with the pre – integrated SE core modules specifically for the search page and auto suggested searching in the search box at your website. Content with these 3rd party plugins are well searchable that have been developed in a standardized manner.
  • Auto suggested Searching: Auto suggest results while searching on your website will make your users searching more easy and fast. These auto suggest options will get visible to you when you click on the search box in the header.
  • Detailed Searching Criteria: Search Results are fetched on the basis of Content Title, Keywords (Tags) & Content Description. Detailed searching over more content fields and custom fields can also be done from the content tabs on advanced search page.
  • Manageable Search modules: The auto suggest option in search bar are coming from the modules which admin has added from the โ€˜Manage Modulesโ€™ section of this plugin.
  • Widgetized Pages: This plugin has many widgetized pages with the fact that after installing this Plugin, individual search page for each pre installed plugin will get create on your website including the Core SocialEngine Plugins & SES Plugins.With the help of these widgetized pages Admin can configure these pages as per choice.
  • Highly Configurable Widgets: For Professional Search Plugin, we have various Widgets with the help of which you can allow your users to search any content on your website. All these widgets are highly configurable.

To make this plugin compatible with our other plugins, we have upgraded our few plugins as mentioned below

  • Advanced Members Plugin
  • Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin
  • Advanced Blogs Plugin
  • Business Directories Plugin
  • Advanced Contests Plugin
  • Advanced Events Plugin
  • Group Communities Plugin
  • Page Directories Plugin
  • Questions & Answers Plugin
  • Quotes Plugin
  • Team Showcase & Multi-Use Team Plugin
  • Advanced Recipe Plugin
  • Thoughts Plugin
  • Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin
  • Wishes Plugin
  • Prayers Plugin

Upgrading all our plugins is a very easy process, but if you need our experts to upgrade the plugins on your website then you can subscribe to our Monthly Support Subscription plan from here: Support Mobile Apps Subscriptions

We can also be hired for One Time Support which would be valid for 1 month. Checkout here: One Month Support Service

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